And a not-so-new guitar was named!

I posted my old Gio Ibanez GRG 220 DEX for sale on around mid-April and it was sold just recently. Went to a nice guy named Sean, who is based in Davao. I gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse! Pretty cheap, considering the guitar was still in pretty much mint condition. But I was glad to get rid of it. A new guitar calls for greener pastures!

You wouldn’t believe the things I had to go through to get my new guitar. I was browsing around, since my budget was around 10-12 thousand. I was sold on either getting a Les Paul or a Telecaster. There are so many things you need to consider when buying a guitar. It isn’t just about the looks. It’s more about how it feels in your hands and how it sounds with regards to the style of music that you play.

I almost ended up buying a Telecaster from SM which was pretty expensive. It was really impulsive of me, but I knew that if I waited, good things would happen. “This must be a test,” I thought. Anyway, I found this guitar for sale on about a custom made Les Paul. I wanted an Epiphone Les Paul, but it was pretty hard to get one of those and shipping is pretty awful.

I scheduled a meet-up with this guy to test the guitar. I think I was stood up for like 2-3 times! It was awful and I felt pretty bad since I just wanted a guitar in my hands to practice and play with. It was a good thing I really did wait it out. He texted me again and after apologizing for the extremely bad timing, he gave me an even bigger discount.

Who was I to pass up this offer? I told him that I’d check it out for one last time. I never actually met the guy, but his helper was pretty much all the pair of hands needed to receive the cash. I borrowed my sister’s car, full of excitement, and it finally happened. I saw it,and aside from a chip in the paint and some dings, it looked positively sweet! Pictures don’t do it justice.

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This is patterned after a Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. It has the Gibson logo on the headstock, but I plan on removing it soon. Who knows. I don’t know all the details, but it definitely plays pretty well. It was custom made by Edz Guitar. Check them out here. They can make copies of any guitar you wish. They can also import the hardware, the wood and the pick-ups. You can customize it as much as you want. I’m judging the work of this guitar and it’s pretty good. Practically a steal at the price I paid for.

Some specifics:

Mahogany Top and Neck

Rosewood Fretboard

22 Frets, Medium Jumbo

Korean Style Seymour Duncans that are coil-tapped

Chrome Hardware and Tuners

Tune-o-matic Bridge and Stopbar Tailpiece

Mother of Pearl Rectangular Inlays

Gibson Logo on the Headstock

Ebony Finish

Most importantly, the name. I dub thee, “Obsidian!”

This was pretty much a post just to rant about my new guitar. Pretty damn happy with it. Can’t wait to use it for jam sessions and gigs! It sounds pretty heavy and has some good clean sounds as well. Get your guitar made at Edz right now!

Until next time, Cheers!


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