A Monday Night at Koa Tree House with Gabby of Urbandub & Franco Reyes of Franco!

What’s up, guys? Sorry to have died down on you there. I’ve been pretty busy with school and I’ve been doing  this other little blogging project that I can’t share just yet. I’ll let you know when it’s posted. Definitely exciting! Glad to know that the site has reached 6,000 hits! For me, that’s an achievement already! Thank you so much for continuing to open my blog even though I’ve been inactive as of late.

6,000 views FTW!

Anyway, the title of the post definitely caught your attention, eh? It is as every bit exciting as it sounds! I went to Koa Tree House with some of my friends at around 9PM. This was on July 18, 2011. A Monday. A class day. We were told that performances would start at 10PM. You all know how it is with ‘Filipino Time’ so yeah, we started at almost 11PM. It was cool. We had some beer and chilled. Koa Tree House, for those of you who don’t know, is the former Kukuk’s Nest! It’s right across the SSS Building and is pretty near Golden Peak Hotel. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

KOA Tree House

It’s not that spacious but it’s definitely cozy. The place itself is pretty nice. You’ve got to check it out for yourself. Anyway, people were taking it down a notch as the electric guitars turned into acoustic guitars and the full drumset turned into a beatbox. It gave off that homey and intimate feel.

Dance With Me Kris

Dance With Me Kris started off the night right! Their songs are definitely catchy and even though it was stripped down, it still sounded real good. I was really surprised when their guitarist and drummer also sang one song each. They were both pretty good, but I’ve got to hand it to the guitarist, he had a really nice voice. Afterwards, we were really grateful, as the vocalist of the band, BJ, was a friend of Franco’s and the rest of their circle. We were able to get a picture with him early on in the night! Pretty cool! We were accompanied by some of our friends from Number Sign as well. Good vibes and good music!

Just look at the smiles on our faces!

A quick picture and we were back. The next performer was this kind gent whose name eludes me right now. All I remember was that he sang several Damien Marley songs and changed some of them into Bisaya. It was pretty funny and very amusing. He had a very good reggae voice too! He looked stoned though. Or maybe that’s just his usual expression.

KOA Tree House Owner and Powerspoonz Vocalist

The next band to perform was Powerspoonz. They are a very popular band that play reggae mixed with hard rock and rap. They really toned it down tonight and played their more mellow pieces. The tone was set when the lights were turned off and the candles were lit. Songs like ‘Missing Jamaica’ and several covers were pretty nice. It showed the band’s acoustic side and it really shined. They also had a guest guitarist, Poldo of CDMC. This guy is amazing! Pretty happy with how the night was turning out.

Gabby Alipe in the house!

Up next was Gabby of Urbandub. He played some Urbandub songs, which people sang along to. He also played a possible new song on the 6th studio album called ‘Dim the Headlights’ which was pretty good too. Some covers and one song from his side-project called ‘Beach Head’ which he had never played before. It was good that we got to hear his stuff. We sang along to his songs but we were really stoked for the next performer. This was it!

Franco Reyes

I first heard about ‘Franco‘ last year during the USC Foundation Week. I listened to them and didn’t think much of them initially, so we left the concert early. Big mistake. A few weeks after that, I got to listen to their album. I loved it. I was a huge, huge fan when early 2011 rolled out. I was excited for them ever since Summer Sunscream 2011, and that was in May, so you would understand the disappointment I felt when they didn’t push through. I just heard about this gig the night before. It was pretty hush-hush, but damn, I was excited! Getting to hear Franco live! Of course, it truly is different when a full band is playing and when it’s just an acoustic jam session. Still! Franco was amazing! He had an iPod play some backing tracks. I posted one of the videos on my Facebook profile. View it here. We were really happy to get to listen to him. Still waiting for them to come back to Cebu as a full band though. That will be the day. It will be an epic one.

Signing his CD!

Smiles that took forever to wipe off!

Right after his performance, I got my picture taken with him and Kevin got his CD signed. Tam and Dom got a picture too. We were all happy campers and went home elated. It was a good night! Didn’t matter that we had a test the day after, it was still an epic experience! I have listened to this man’s songs for the past year, and to actually meet him in the flesh, it was a rewarding experience on its own.

Oh, right. This post cannot beat the combined value of the picture below.

Here’s to hoping I get more active with blogging in the future. Keep inspired and enjoy life!

Until next time, Cheers!


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