Into the Abyss with Black Bile!

It’s time for some more previews. This new clothing line is launching next week and we’re all pretty stoked. We were all waiting for this one for quite some time now. He’s well renowned for designing for lots of international brands and bands. It’s none other than Uzi Emperado! He’s out with a vengeance and he has entitled his clothing line Black Bile.

I was wondering why he never released his own clothing line with his experience and design talent. Well, hopefully we will know the answers soon. He just confirmed that he’d be happy to do an e-interview. Get your asses ready for that!

Anyway, on to the previews.

Coming your way 6.6.11

This was the profile picture on Black Bile’s Facebook page. If I’m not mistaken, it’s also Sir Uzi’s cat. Instead of being just a pet and a companion, his cat has moved on to greater things. How many animals can say they’ve headlined a clothing line? Look at those eyes, disturbing to look at.

Black Bile: Chapter One

Don’t ask me why the pictures above are of cats. Truth be told, cats are really creepy. It’s no wonder why. In Ancient Egypt, they were considered as watchkeepers of the dead. That’s why the Sphinx always seemed to take a cat-like form. Less babbling, more shirts!

Coveted Crown

This white dye shirt definitely screams dark messages. With the crown of thorns and the noose around the neck on this skull, this will certainly creep out your mother. Loving the font as well. Catch one of these shirts for PHP 450.00.

The Halo

Grey dye shirt. The print is also grey. Almost like a subliminal message. But it blends just right. A skull wearing thorns as a halo. Sick stuff right there. Grab it for PHP 450.00.

Doom Bringer

Seems downright evil! Lots of skulls and a demon looking like he’s enjoying it. I love the colors on this one. Black dye shirt. Get it for PHP 450.00.

Sick shirts right there! “Celebrating the darkness within us all” is the tagline that Black Bile promotes. For those of you who like some of the heavier stuff with upside down crosses and lots and lots of skulls, you should definitely check it out.

Black Bile will be launching on June 6, 2011 at Nick’s Doodle Store. If you still don’t know where that is, you’re probably living under a rock. Check out where the store is located here.

All shirts are worth PHP 450.00 and boy is it a steal! You should definitely grab a shirt while supplies last. Black Bile: Chapter One will be one release people won’t forget anytime soon!

For those of you who are in Cebu (lucky!), you can get the shirt at Nick’s Doodle Store. For those of you who aren’t as lucky, Black Bile will be sorting out shipping orders next week, so just keep posted on their Facebook page. Click that like button right here.

Some of you might want to contact Uzi Emperado for his sick designs for your metal band or brand, so just keep posted. Hopefully the e-interview will be done soon and we can all read about what he has to say. But if you really can’t wait, check out the recently concluded interview he did with which can be found here. Props to you guys as well. I love how your site looks.

Well, that’s that! Get stoked for this release. Lots of good shirts coming your way and we haven’t even started the school year! Keep checking back for more posts in the future.

Until next time, Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Into the Abyss with Black Bile!

  1. Sir, what specific time tomorrow ang launching sa iyang clothing line? para maka.palit kog sure..:D


    1. as soon as the shop opens, sir! according to their facebook page, Nick’s Doodle Store opens at 11am but sometimes they also open around 12-1. Just plan accordingly. :)

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