Scars X Nick Automatic Collaboration!

What’s up? I’m sorry it’s been a very long while now. I was kind of lazy to update for reasons I know not. Probably the laziness kicking in. But with school coming in, it calls me to be active in updating you guys with the coolest threads and music in the local scene! Weird, huh? It’s actually in the school season that I tend to be active. Probably blogging is my excuse for not studying. Anyway! What’s been going on? Not much from this side. The recently concluded Summer Sunscream 2011 was awesome! Some considered it to be an epic failure, but it was alright by my standards. Urbandub was the highlight of my night. Too bad Franco wasn’t playing. Just heard they’ll be playing in Cebu on July 9, so get stoked for that!

The real point of this post is the long awaited Scars X Nick Automatic Collaboration release! We’ve been waiting for this since Early April but due to some unforeseen delays and other issues, it was released yesterday. Pretty late, but the good thing is that you can get your shirt now! They look pretty damn awesome! Check it out!

The Terrorizer

Damn! 1/3 and we’re already being shown some great play on cartoons. It’s a black shirt with a big ass print of the big, bad wolf that’s terrorizing the iconic Nick Automatic character. Black on white. Back to basics. Get this shocker for PHP 550.00.

The Craftsmen

This white shirt features a seal that is sure to make you crap your pants! The finest at their craft showing a thing or two at how to make a great design. Check out the quote “Bringing quality ideas and functionality to the masses!” Doodlers and Riffraffs, represent! Get one now at PHP 550.00.

The Jailbird

I heard that this item caused some delay and it’s pretty evident why. It’s a damn 4/4 full sleeve! Makes you look like a hard-ass and a boss! Embroidered on each side are the logos of NA and Scars respectively. Where do your alliegances lie? Get this for PHP 550.00.

So there we have it, 3 awesome t-shirts all waiting! Get one now! One last picture to show. Here’s the 1st General, Sir Chad Manzo, rocking the Jailbird. Read up on my recently concluded e-interview with him here.

Jailbird General

If you’ve noticed, all these shirts are worth PHP 550.00 and it’s rightfully so! Premium items right here. Locally made! Be proud to support your local threads and designers. If you’re in Cebu, you can get them at Nick’s Doodle Store. But hurry! I’m sure these items won’t last long. If you don’t know how to get there, I also wrote a post on where the Doodle Store is located. Read about it here.

For those of you who aren’t in Cebu, check out the 19th TeeShop. They are resellers and shippers of most of the local indie lines.

Well that’s that! It smells like it’s going to be a great year for everyone involved. Check back later as I update more tonight! A few surprises and definitely more coverage. Get stoked!

Until next time, Cheers!


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