Let’s get Planking!

I was pretty bored one day and me and a friend decided to go Planking. What is Planking, you ask? It’s no more than taking a picture of yourself or anybody else for that matter and that person has to lie down very straight. Like a plank. A very straightforward answer.

I thought it was pretty stupid at first. It still is, but it catches a lot of attention and for some reason, stupidity always appeals to many. It’s like a combination of an epic photobomb and a wacky pose. The more public the place or the more dangerous it is, the better the effect of the said plank. It can be very dangerous though as someone in Australia already died while planking off a very high ledge. So be safe when you plank.

I plan to be planking in a lot of public places! I’m even keeping a facebook album to document said planks. Rather than rambling on anymore, you guys should just check out some of the pictures of our planking escapades. Something to escape the boredom even for a while.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trust me, you’ll understand when you try it. But be safe.

Until next time, Cheers!


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