An interview with the creator of SCARS, Chad Manzo.

I have an interesting article for you today! It took some time but I’m grateful that it finally pushed through! We have an e-interview with no other than Chad Manzo, the creator of SCARS. He shares a little more about himself and his opinions on the local clothing scene and such.

If you didn’t know, he is in the music scene as well, spouting Electronica as his main genre all while performing filler songs for the various rock concert gigs. He partnered with Midi OK! and they have certainly made a buzz in the last couple of years. Check out their profile here. You might have heard about him, his former name was Techisoba. Lots of beats and tunes that you may not know of but are familiar with.

Graphic Designer and Musician.

Some interesting facts you might not know about this apparel designer. Internationally respected and locally made, check out our interview.

• Hey there, Sir Chad! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in the world of apparel design.

Chad Manzo: I am a graphic designer before an illustrator. Not saying that being a graphic designer is my title, but it was because of graphic design that I became an illustrator. I am quite fond with logos, and how/why they were made. The customization of one simple graphic symbol that embodies the goals and ideas of the company piqued my interest. You can say, I am more into the influence of the design, rather than the design itself. Apparel design kind of fell unto my lap, it was a hard (still is) and challenging discipline to be in. It was a mix of my interests in graphic design and drawing stuff.

• Could you shed some light on how your clothing company, Scars, came to be?


Founded in 1972.
Dress the unimpressed.

Quality threads from curious minds.

SCARS celebrates the villain, the truant, the untidy, the unkempt, the delinquent, the thief, the scoundrel, the evil-doer, the riffraff. Although heroes always win it all, what’s important are the lessons we learn from them, the cross they bear, the SCARS to prove it.

 SCARS is an anti-culture thing. Against the grain and kind of hard-headed. I always love a good black/white/grey tee. They never go out of style and they bring out some sort of class and sophistication that I can’t pin point what. I guess that’s how I want my brand to be.

Highly uncommon (with regards to the burgeoning Independent brands) with a touch of class. No offense to the super color ones, they’re really good at what they do (i.e. Nick Automatic, POU, etc), I just thought I did not want to invade/share the same space as they are. They’ll just bury me with all their awesomeness anyway. ;)

• We’ve noticed several references on some of your shirts and even on your exclusive cap but we’re really wondering, what is the 5th Column Crew?

CM: The 5th Column Crew is a metaphor for traitors and people who destroy agencies and industries from the inside. It’s a villain kind of thing. We seek to overthrow the norm – at least that is how I see it. ;)
• Scars usually consists of black, white, and gray tones, a sort of far cry from your usual colorful designs for other brands. How would you describe the differences when working for Scars and when designing for other brands? 

Scars Signet Rings Tee.

CM: SCARS is a challenge. With regards to concepts and color palettes, I certainly welcome the challenge that it presents itself. This is sort of how I better my skills at design consistency, as well as brand and marketing aspects. With other clients, I am usually presented with a brief, and as hard-headed as I am, I put some of my ideas into the mix. Most of the time, they love me for doing that. :)

• What are some of your thoughts on Nick’s Doodle Store and the brands you work alongside with? Would you ever consider opening a store exclusively for Scars merchandise?

CM: Nick Automatic has come a looong way. I am jealous at the same time happy for my brother who has built his empire from scratch. Very admirable; would hope to have the same success as him someday. With the brands in Nick’s Doodle Store – they’re all unique. I am proud to be part of the family. Each brand has its own identity, its own way of doing things, and yet at the same time, we consult with each other. It’s a very productive environment and it clearly shows.

MAD respect to Nick AutomaticKillapinasMonster Ink, Product of Uranus and the NDS fam!

With regards to my own store… Why not?;)

• What is your current work set-up with regards to tablets, desktop/laptop, and design software?

CM: I work on a Mac, I use illustrator and I use the mouse most of the time. My tablet is a Wacom Bamboo 5 inch one.

• What are your top 3 favorite designs of all time?

CM: Definitely my 8bitzombie tee, and 2 that are not yet ready for the world. ;) Watch out for that. :)

• You were currently in the music scene, known to be the DJ named Techisoba? Could you explain a little bit more of this particular chapter in your life?

CM: I still am. I no longer carry the monicker “Techisoba” though. I was a partner to Midi-Ok!. We were the only ones doing electronica at that time. Check out our albums!;) They’re free to download. F-R-E-E.

Techisoba – The Vanishing

Midi OK! – Volume 1

• Knowing that you design a lot for international brands and the like, what are your thoughts and opinions on the differences from the scene we have over here in Cebu and for the international locales?

CM: Both spectrums are almost the same, but there is a difference with regards to appreciation. The international peeps are brutally frank, while some here just jump on the bandwagon. In my opinion, there’s still room to improve the taste on some, but then again, to each his own. The support, is OVERWHELMING though, I can’t thank everyone enough.

• Do you have any words of wisdom for those who want to get into apparel design? Is there some sort of code you follow?

CM: Practice, learn, and respect. As far as codes go, never copy, rip, stylebite, steal, anyone’s property. Also, learn to respect the craft.

• You recently concluded “The Good, The Bad, and The Sonic” both in Cebu and Manila. How would you describe the differences in Cebu and Manila with regards to the fans and buyers? What was it like working with Nick Automatic and Built By Sonic for this exclusive event?

Built By Sonic. 

CM: I honestly can’t say. It was the first time I’ve ever sold my wares to the north in an exclusive outlet. Turnout was good, although I say there’s still room to improve. Working with NA is a dream, Nick and I have very different attacks on what looks good and all that, but we rarely disagree. The relationship is symbiotic.

• What are your future plans for Scars? Any sneak peeks that you’d like to share with us?

CM: Future plans:
Lifestyle/Heritage items from SCARS. (short term)
Shoes and denim. Shop. (long term)

• Where could we check out your official website to view your design portfolio?

CM: I’m still working on that. ;) but you can check me out on Mintees/Bandjob or wherever. I’m usually trolling around the net.

Cargo Collective Profile

Mintees Profile

Bandjob Profile



If you want to contact the artist, please send him an e-mail at

• Where could people buy their official Scars merchandise?

CM: SCARS is sold only at Nick’s Doodle store and nowhere else in the Philippines.

For orders outside Cebu:

E-mail –

FAQ : All shirts are custom fit, and are SLIM.

You can also get your SCARS Official merchandise at:

CEBU – Nick’s Doodle Store

MANILA – Built By Sonic

• Thank you, Sir Chad. Before we end, are there any shout-outs you’d like to make?

CM: NDS fam, youz awesome.

There you have it! I hope you found it an interesting read. It’s always great to read up about the artists who design the t-shirts we love to wear. Sometimes they don’t get enough of the praise that they should. With this little post, I hope I can at least show people how graphic designers have to be very dedicated to their craft in order to produce great quality apparel.

Before I go, check out this little teaser. A collaboration is coming our way. Get stoked!

Nick Automatic X Scars

Thanks for reading the article! Go show some love for the independent clothing lines and get a shirt today! Check out various posts of this blog on directions to getting you to the said stores.

Until next time, Cheers!


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