Easter Sunday Adventure!

Greetings! I hope you guys enjoyed your Holy Week. Mine was pretty relaxed and laid back. Not much really, just chilling with the family and some friends. Went fishing on Wednesday, but I won’t really get into that as it wasn’t really memorable.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were pretty much the same. Bisita Iglesia and family time as usual. Went to the market and helped my mother with the poultry and fish. I’d really like to write about my Easter Sunday adventure!

If you guys haven’t heard, there’s this place in Gaas, Balamban called Adventure Cafe that offers several adventures that you can check out.

So if you enlarge that poster, you can check out that they offer a zipline, rappelling, caving, wall climbing, a guided waterfall tour, a guided tour to Mt. Manunggal and the best of all, a food trip!

I woke up at around 5:00 AM. Prepared my stuff like extra clothes and water. Me and my dad headed out at around 5:20 AM and reached JY Square at around 5:30 AM. We met up with Kelly and proceeded to have breakfast and take-out at McDonald’s. Cheese Hamdesal and Hot Choco for breakfast and 2 piece Chicken McDo for lunch.

We drove up to Gaas, Balamban at around 5:45 AM and it was kind of uphill. It took long too but it was fun since the air was cool. We also got to stop and buy some fresh sweet corn. Sweet! It was delicious.

We reached the place at around 6:45 AM and it was actually pretty near the K33 Zipline too. Here are some pictures of the Cafe itself.

Above the cafe was a 2nd floor level where the rappelling, ziplining and wall climbing was offered.

The actual cafe was pretty homey and felt like a log cabin.

There was this one little cool area where you could buy breakable plates at PHP 25.00 each and throw them at this little mural. Pick your poison.

So the guide arrived after a while and after signing the log book and getting our hardhats and headlights, we trekked on to the cave. We were walking along the side of the road for about 5-10 minutes and then we went to this mountain path. It was pretty downhill for the most part and there was this little stream we had to cross. Check out the pictures. Fun stuff.

Kelly and I kept laughing since we thought that the trek might consist of all pavement. We were very wrong. Mountain path is starting!

Crossing the little stream. There would be a lot more to come.

We got to the cave after about a trek of 20 minutes. It was pretty fun but steep too. You’ve got to watch your step. We got to the entrance of the cave but we had to crawl on in. The actual walk through the cave only took about 10 minutes, so we just had pictures and tried looking at the various nooks and crannies around. It was fun but there are far better caves out there.

The entrance to the cave. You actually have to get down on all fours to get inside!

The headlights actually came to good use since the cave is pretty dark. Lots of interesting rock formations.

So we took some pictures and went around the cave for about 15-30 minutes then we headed out. I was sweating a lot but it was fun so I didn’t really notice it at first. We took a breather and drank some water. We decided to climb back up and head straight to the path for the falls. Going up was not easy. We probably took about 2 breaks since the incline was certainly taking a toll on our energy.

We got back to the highway and we bought some drinks. Gatorade and water to keep us hydrated! A 15 minute walk going to the next path heading down to the waterfall. You actually don’t need a guide as it’s pretty straightforward, but still. It was our first time and it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

The trek going to the falls took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yes, it is not for everyone. It’s pretty steep and lots of rivers and dense forest areas to cross. For you nature lovers, it really is a dream. It’s nothing like an urban walk. It’s really full of obstacles. We must have crossed the river about 5-7 times and the lush vegetation were sort of getting in the way, but it was pretty worth it. A good exercise!

Taking a quick rest on the way to the falls and back.

I couldn’t really take pictures of the path going there since it was really an effort to watch your step. Well, I assure you that it’s good exercise and it’ll definitely test you. But if you love nature, you’ll find that it’s really worth it through all the sweat and tiredness.

After what must have been an eternity, we finally got to the falls. It was pretty small but it was still pretty inviting and fresh. There was a small resting place with a top, so we were pretty grateful for that. No one was in sight. We had a quick lunch and an even quicker nap. We then took a bath! The water was icy cold but refreshing to say the least. It had a strong flow of current and the water was pretty deep. Even if you raised your arms, you would still find yourself submerged.  Check out some of the pictures so you can appreciate.

Don’t let the small size of the falls fool you, it packs a punch. Pretty deep too.

Pristine and untouched by human hands. Beautiful.

A small hut to keep us in the shade. A quick lunch and rest before taking a dip.

One last picture before making our way back. Very grateful for this experience.

I swam to my heart’s content there. It was super cold but your body temperature adjusts accordingly after a while. I even got to climb up the waterfall and boy, was the tide strong. I jumped from the 2nd level and although the rocks were a bit slippery, I was able to manage. Fun stuff.  There was also a small crack above the waterfall that spouted out clean spring water safe enough for us to drink. Mother Nature truly provides.

We probably spent around 2 hours there. Alas, it was time to say goodbye. We made the trek back and it took lesser time since we were probably more used to the trek now. I was feeling refreshed but still found myself panting after we got back to the main road.

I invite everyone to try going to the caves and falls! It isn’t really for everyone, since it is pretty physical. You have to be sort of conditioned and you’ve got to love nature to truly appreciate it! I’m proud that my 62 year old dad held his own and actually made it all the way! There aren’t that many senior citizens that I know of that are capable of this feat.

I’m also pretty grateful that Kelly was on board this trip!  He just got back from Borbon and was pretty tired, but I’m sure he had fun too. It was certainly a different experience. I can’t wait until we plan an adventure with Andre and Martin! An adventure for the assholes. We must plan it.

We got back to the main road after about an hour. We took a rest and had some drinks. The path going back to the cafe was still a bit long and although it was just pavement, it was still tiring.

We got back to the cafe at around 1:30 PM. We rested for about an hour and made our way back to the city at around 3:00 PM. We dropped Kelly at JY Square and made our way home. I took a rest and went to mass at 5:30 PM. Tired and out, I slept really early. A good day.

Boy, it was truly a day of adventure. I really love the wonders that nature brings. Beautiful formations unspoiled by human hands. I can’t wait to go around for more adventures to beautiful places like these. I may love amusement and theme parks, but this is something totally different. It amazes me that nature is capable of captivating places like these.

One last thing before I end.

Don’t bring running shoes to a mountain trek! Kelly’s shoes were ripped to shreds and he actually lost BOTH soles. Luckily, he bought new ones and dare I say that he’s up for the next adventure? Hopefully next time, Andre and Martin can tag along for the ride. Here’s to a fruitful second half to our summer!

Until next time, Cheers!


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