Have a blessed Holy Week!

Hey guys, the Holy Week has arrived. Time to chill out and relive the most important event in Christianity to date. We may not all be at the same stage with our faith, but let’s keep this week solemn and behave ourselves.

So, there may not be any gigs and I don’t know what my plans are for this week. I’m sure we’ll be doing the “Bisita Iglesia” as usual on Friday. I’m coaxing my parents and sisters so we can go to Adventure Cafe in Balamban on Saturday. I’ve checked out there Facebook page and it seems exciting.  Click the hyperlink to check it out.

The week after will be pretty exciting, or so I hope. I’ll try my hand at the drums as I’ll try out some private lessons. I’ll also be driving around a lot more so I can finally process my license. Lots of things and plans. Can’t wait to jam as well!

Speaking of jamming about, I need to sipra those Urbandub and Franco songs. I can’t wait for us to all play and jam. Good tunes and having fun. We might need a vocalist though. Thinking about getting a Telecaster too. Meh, we’ll have to see. Good things happen to those who wait. Maybe when I’m self-sufficient and working.

I hope we can jam twice or thrice so it’ll just be in time for the Summer Sunscream! Damn, I am so stoked. Well, we aren’t playing at the event, but Franco and Urbandub will! It’s probably why we want to jam so much. Well, I’m sure as heck going to cover that event. Hopefully, I can drag along a lot of friends and get my picture taken with Franco, Janjan, Buwi and Ocho!

Okay, this has been a completely senseless post. To at least make it worth your while, check out my guitar rig. It may not be the most expensive or the most flashy, but it does its job. I still want a Telecaster though.

Guitar Master Ovation style Acoustic Guitar

I have had this guitar for a while now, and it’s pretty good. It sounds kind of thin when comparing it to those heavy dreadnought ones, but still good for me. It’s been through a lot. I tried practicing guitar flips on it one time, and the strap gave out so it has a crack on the side. Funny story.

Marshall MG15DFX

This little solid state amp has a big bang! It may be small at 15 Watts, but it really does pack a punch. Comes with Digital effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flanger. Nifty.

BOSS MT-2 Metalzone

My first analog pedal. It’ll probably be that way for awhile, until I can scrounge up more money for a second pedal. It’s pretty versatile and it can play blues and metal. Pretty cool.

GIO Ibanez GRG270

This guitar has been with me for a while too. It took me a while to appreciate. Double locking tremolo systems are a bastard for newbies. I’m thinking about trading or selling this to get a Telecaster. Keeping it simple. But maybe I’ll just keep this and get it separately. It has been pretty consistent.

I hope you guys enjoy your Holy Week. Stay safe. Reflect as needed.

Until next time, Cheers!


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