Chicago Joe’s Amazing Race & Jam Night with Urbandub!

Boy, oh boy! Yesterday (April 16, 2011) was super fun! I made a post yesterday morning with the complete line-up of bands and map to getting there! I sure hope you guys heeded my advice, because that gig was off the chain!

The day started off at around 10:00 AM. I made the post below and proceeded to take a bath. I met up with Dominicque and Martin at North Atrium at around 10:30 AM. We decided to join the Amazing Race that Chicago Joe’s was sponsoring since the registrations for the  Habagat Fun Race around SM was already closed. Dom would be our cameraman and we would meet up with Mitchella and Christian later at the venue.

We ate lunch at KFC and I proceeded to buy that big ass 1.5L Gatorade pack. Martin was jealous so followed suit. We rode the jeepney going to Maribago. The ride was pretty long since it had to pass by Parkmall and CDU. Anyway, we got to the place at around 11:30 AM. We met up with Mitch and Chan at around 12:00 NN. We paid the registration fee and started to wait. There was a tattoo competition and it was pretty fun to see them play with colors!

Chicago Joe’s!

I wonder if getting ink done hurts.

Race briefing was around 2:00 PM. We started off with the first challenge at Chicago Joe’s. Mitch was blindfolded and we had to direct her to getting the ball with our team number.

It doesn’t hurt to have a long nose, eh?

We were the first team to finish this part of the challenge and so we ran to the outside premises. The next clue led us to the Mactan Shrine, so we took a jeepney on the way there. When we got there, we had to solve this Superheroine crossword puzzle that would lead us to the next area.

Damn, who was that again?

We got Kitara and Rogue. I called my friend Emil and he was able to help us with Hawkgirl. The puzzle looked like this:

K _ R _ _ _ H _

Good thing Mitch and Chan were from Mactan. We didn’t need the other letters to know that our next destination was Karancho Beach Resort. We had to jog our way there. It was really daunting. I was really out of shape. Nonetheless, we got there after what seemed like an eternity of slow jogging and walking.

Canoeing = hard.

Martin and I decided to do the canoeing challenge. We were first timers, so it was pretty hard. But really, the walk going to where the canoes were located was the hard part. Lots of corals and sea urchins. Pretty scary. We got a lesson in canoeing and it was much appreciated. We cleared the marker and headed on back.

We were told to go to Marina mall and secure a 3XL shirt and a 1980 marked driver’s license. Sad that none of us were that big and that old to have those items ourselves. We ran around asking various people for their age and various stalls if they had a 3XL size shirt. Pretty funny. My hydration pack was leaking too.

Once we were given the next clue, it told us to go to Gaisano. Jogging again. Luckily enough, it was a short distance. We were told to secure a new 20 and 50 peso bill. Easier said than done. We had a hard time and eventually were penalized for 15 minutes.

We jogged to the PUV Terminal for our last challenge. It was a puzzle of sorts. I’m pretty sure that the race was supposed to be longer but the time alloted was just too short. So after that puzzle, we were told to head back to the resort.

Take out the letters J, E, P, X, Y and Z. What does it spell?

We finished in 5th out of 6 teams. Not bad for our first time and the fact that we were the only students who joined. It was a great experience and I was really tired. Still, this might be something I’d want to be doing in the future. It’s a different experience that was tested all of us physically and mentally. Something to get us in the zone. We’ll do better next time!

Team Zero Experience.

Martin, Mitch, Dom, Me and Maldo.

Martin, Mitch and Maldo left. Maldo would eventually come back later. Dom and I were left so we decided to chill. I ate dinner at this back alley stall outside of the venue. When we got back, we sat down and listened to the bands perform. Sugbuwanon, Cwooked Boy, Bethany, Dance With Me Kris, Drop Out Club and one more band whose name escapes me right now.

We were informed that the bands would be transferred inside. So we packed up early and headed inside. It was pretty cramped but the lighting and the airconditioning was pretty good. It kind of reeked though as the airconditioning was on full blast and lots of people were smoking. We ordered one set and sat down and chilled.

The bands that played inside were Detached, The Line Divides and Powerspoonz. I don’t have any coverage because I kept going outside to get fresh air. The smoke was overwhelming and I couldn’t stand it. Dom and I wanted to get our picture taken with John Dinopol of Urbandub! He was the only band member walking around but he was with his buddies so we had to wait until he was alone so we wouldn’t seem like gay stalkers.

Yes sir! Read the quote on his shirt, it’s pretty funny.

We also got to see the judging of the tattoo competition. Lots of great tattoos and some mediocre ones that lacked detail and consistency. Dom and I were talking it up and it was kind of nice that this one judge, I think it was Crol, acknowledged our opinions. Maldo texted us that Powerspoonz took the stage so we headed back.

Maldo and Dom. Concertgoers until the end.

The inside interior was pretty cool albeit a bit lacking in space.

Powerspoonz is always fun to watch. Still, we sat down at the back and reserved our energy for Urbandub! They got to play Barrio, Overflow, Fire on the Dancefloor and Bakbakan Na! It was all so cool even though there were some technical difficulties. People started to disperse a bit and we found our chance at the front.

I was wearing my Urbandub TeeDee shirt as promised. Sir Kaloy of Sonic Boom Philippines was able to talk it up a bit and he even mentioned me. Nice chap. Anyway, I took pictures of the pedalboards since it’s kind of a thing for me and my teacher, who is an effects junkie, to analyze various effects rigs.

When Urbandub took the stage, it was like electric. Awesome as always, even during soundcheck. Boy, it really made the long wait worth it!

Soundcheck one, two!

They started off with Soul searching. Damn, the whole crowd was singing along. A nice choice for a first song. I uploaded the video on my Facebook page and you can watch it here.

They took a short breather and me and my friends started shouting for them to play Sailing. Gabby must have heard my plea since he whispered into Lalay’s and John’s ears and then announced that it is summer after all. When I heard that opening riff, I must have been shouting like a lunatic. Various profanities abound. Who cares, it was all so worth it. This was actually the song that I wanted to hear the most and I thought of the scenario wherein they would play it. You can listen to it here.

They played First of Summer next. My camera ran out of battery and I was scrambling to find the extra battery. Oh well, next time. I guess that experience will have to be between Urbandub and those who actually watched it that night.

I finally found that extra battery somewhere in my bag and got to video the ending of First of Summer. They followed it up with When The Fight Is Over. All their song choices were pretty much crowd pleasers. Listen to it here.

They said that they would play one last song. It was from their Under Southern Lights album. Guillotine! Energy abound! You can check it here.

I was drenched in sweat and Red Horse spilled on the floor. I smelled of cigarettes and beer. Still, it was freakin’ worth it! We went to the back area where they chilled for a while. We wanted to get a picture of Janjan, their drummer, but he was nowhere to be found.

We got pictures with Gabby and Lalay instead. Glad to know they are still pretty down to earth even with the status and endorsements that they have. True blue Cebuanos representing the 032!

With Lalay Lim on bass. One hell of a chick.

Reppin’ that Urbandub shirt! 

So with happy faces and content hearts, we decided to leave it at that. No picture with Janjan but not to worry. There’s still next time! That will be at Summer Sunscream. We’ll hopefully get a picture with him and several others like Ocho, Buwi and Franco!

There was still a DJ coming up. I think his name was Elmer Dado. We were too tired and we just decided to call it a night. I mean, we ran an amazing race and finished it off with an epic concert! Damn!

Maldo rode in one direction and Dom and I rode the jeepney to get back to Mainland Cebu. We were both pretty tired and it was pretty evident as we were sleeping it off. Got home at around 2:30 AM.

I took a bath and slept like a log. Man, Urbandub is amazing! I was really grateful for this day. It was certainly tiring but I never doubted that it would be amazing. Lots of experiences learned and lots of horizons broadened.

Until next time, Cheers!

*Note: you need a Facebook page to see the fanpages and videos. But hey, it’s the 21st century. The chances of not having a Facebook page is pretty slim by today’s standard. Enjoy!


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