General Luna at the Outpost!

Hey guys. I haven’t been updating as much and I apologize for that. I’m still getting into that summer mood. I’ve been chilling for the most part since I got back from Bantayan. I’ll try to update you guys on the clothing lines and their status. I’m probably going to do a feature on the 6000 promotions store! Stoked for that.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve read the title. Yes sir! General Luna, the all-girl rock band, went to Cebu yesterday! It was at the Outpost and they cleared the parking space for outside premises shenanigans. It was so much fun!

For the most part of the day, I just chilled at the house. I went to Ayala with some relatives late in the afternoon and met Martin and Kelly at JY Square at around 6:30 PM.

Thank you, Master Siomai. Order the Japanese kind.

We ate at the food court and arrived at the Outpost at around7:30 PM. Early as always. With the long haul, we decided to have some beer and a plate of Sisig. All good. It was around 9 PM when all the tables started filling up and people actually crowded the stage.

I wonder what Bea was laughing about?

Yes, we were behind the glass. All we could do was watch.

Cuarenta started things out. It was pretty fun to watch them. But we were mostly engrossed that General Luna had arrived. They locked themselves in the private room. All I could do was take pictures. Paparazzi, I know.

I found that we had our chance when some of the girls decided to freshen up and use the comfort room. Yes sir! Kelly & I were able to take pictures with some of the band members! They were pretty accommodating. These girls were real rock stars and were pretty cool too.

Pictures with Nicole and Bea! Don’t mind our faces, we were obviously hit.

They took the stage and everyone started going crazy. They did some covers. They performed their original stuff too, but to be honest I really only liked Red Heaven.

Very versatile range of stuff.

All of them really held their own on stage, but I was really impressed with their lead guitarist, Caren. Boy, she was pretty amazing. All those solos and she looked so calm on stage. Damn!

Sorry if it’s kind of dark, I was on the other side.

I wasn’t able to listen so much to Audry. I’m assuming she was playing rhythm. Her Epiphone SG looked freakin’ awesome! I’ll try to be on her side of the stage next time.

Bass down low.

Alex on bass. She looked stunning. I will try and listen to her bass parts better next time.

Man, a girl drummer who is just uber talented!

Bea on drums. Boy, she was sweating a lot. Still, she was super hot and she was really amazing!

Kelly took the most pictures of Nicole. I think he was stunned.

Nicole on vocals. Damn. Hot. What more can I say? Great stage presence too.

They ended it on a high note. Before we left, we got one last picture with Caren! Yeah, you guys at the back have your laugh now! Still, an epic night. Taxi going home. Damn expensive! Oh well. I don’t mind. Lots of fun was had.

Don’t mind the pink towel. It does its job.

It feels like gold! The print is awesome. Thank you TeeDee and Nick Automatic!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed on some of the pictures, I got my Urbandub TeeDee package today! It was a 4 song sampler and a t-shirt designed by Mr. Nick Automatic himself! They’re stocking it at Nick’s Doodle Store. I’m not sure if it’s sold out already, but you should get it before it does! The total package was PHP 690. A great offer. Trust me when I say it, the actual shirt feels like gold. Much better than the usual standard fare.

I’ll most likely be wearing this shirt to the Chicago Joe’s opening. Buy a beer at PHP 50 and that’ll serve as your entrance. Bands? March the Sky. Bethany. Dance with me Kris. Powerspoonz. Urbandub. Many more actually. But, can you beat that? There will also be an amazing race and a tattoo competition. Check it! April 16. Save the date. Catch you guys on the beach side!

Until next time, Cheers!


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