It’s a sneak peek affair with Nick Automatic!

What’s cooking,  guys? I haven’t posted anything really related to the local t-shirt scene, so I’ll do my best to make up for it. Do forgive me. School just ended, and we had to celebrate! A 2 day trip starting from the peaks of Busay and ending in a cool dip in the open sea over at Bluereef. Yes sir, summer is here and we can feel the motion in the ocean!

With summer approaching, we’ve got lots of previews for summer releases! We already had a taste of the summer barrage care of Nick Automatic, and they aren’t even done yet! They have a part 2 release coming soon. So here is a MASSIVE update on some of the summer releases!

Let’s start off with some sneak peeks from Nick Automatic!

The first sneak peek of the 2nd part of the NA Summer Barrage!

Calling all Laker fans! I smell a Mamba!

This one will be a collaboration series with Scars! Get stoked!

This one is a collaboration with WIP Caps!

Except for the cap, all of these previews have no exact release date as of yet. Just expect them to come sometime during April. The cap will be released tomorrow over at Nick’s Doodle Store for PHP 1300. This will be a collaboration with reknowned fitteds maker WIP Caps, so it’ll be worth every penny! Nick Automatic is heating things up! If you have a question or inquiry, please leave a comment below or send me a message. Check, check!


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