Spend your Earth Hour on a bike.

We all know that Earth Hour is coming. It’s an hour wherein we all pitch in to make a conscious effort of saving the earth by turning off all our lights and power, and enjoy the beautiful night sky with candles and whatnot.

Yes sir, it’s time for that again. I highly doubt that one hour will really make a difference, but it’s really about the movement and the idea that this concept brings. It’s pretty interesting and a lot of my friends and family are fairly participative.

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM is the actual Earth Hour proper. More or less along that timeline. It’s synchronized around the world, so that timeline is for the Philippines. Other countries will have different times, depending on their respective timezones. As for me, I’m going to be joining the 2nd Earth Hour Night Ride!

You heard right, I’m going to be joining a night ride on a bicycle! Dangerous? Not really. All riders will be required a helmet, a bike and a blinker. A Blinker is a little LED (light emitting diode)  that will signal any cars that we are there. I’m assuming there will be around 200-300 bikes that night! We will blink and paint the city with red. Or whatever color your blinker emits.

You’re welcome to join! I’m not so sure if they’re still accepting registrations, but feel free to check out the poster below and make some inquiries:

I’m guessing all the information you need to know is listed in the poster! I assume they’re pretty strict, so please do follow the rules. I have to inquire about the actual route that we’ll be taking but I do know that it’s going to be around the city. Don’t worry, we’re not scaling Busay. Whew, that trek alone could discourage others.

Still trying to convince Andre (check out his blog here) to come with me as it’s usually us two as the bike buddies. If not, I can always go solo or try to drag somebody else along for the ride. Literally. Anyway, have a great weekend guys. Who knows, I might see you around this Saturday. All roads lead to the Outpost!

Until next time, Cheers!


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