I wish I was Superman. FML.

So, I made this clever post yesterday claiming that I was no Superman. It was because I probably didn’t have the stamina to go to the Lucky Doobie Top Shottas Gig Event that would probably end at 1AM-2AM AND join a Fun Run at 4AM the very next day. Topping it all off would be a whole day Disaster Preparedness program from 9AM-5PM.

I even called my judgement as sound, since the few extra hours of sleep would give me the stamina and energy to run the race and attend the physical seminar. I even joked around with my friend yesterday, while we were playing DotA, that the reggae bands playing weren’t Franco (our current favorite artist for a few months now) and we just laughed it off. We even discussed the probability that Franco would just show up at the Outpost, unannounced, and play some songs. So we went home, got our few extra hours of sleep. We ran the fun run today and it was pretty fun. We also enjoyed the Disaster Preparedness seminar.

When I got home, I saw this video clip. Reading the title, my eyes bulged. Powerspoonz Ft. Franco – Get Up, Stand Up

Guess who showed up at the Outpost yesterday? Unannounced.

Franco Reyes.

I wish I was Superman. If I had went to the event, I probably would have been all smiles until now. Now, I’m just really regretting it. I’m sure my friend is regretting it too. If only. The only thoughts running through my mind, Powerspoonz jamming along with Franco singing a Bob Marley song.


Oh well, I’ll have to make up for it during Summer Sunscream 2011. Franco, just you wait. TLD, Pandora, DWMK, Powerspoonz and Urbandub, just you wait.

Until next time, Cheers.


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