We’ve just hit 2000 views!

Hey there! The title is pretty self-explanatory. I just wanted to point out that this blog has reached 2000 page views! To be honest, this feat isn’t easy considering people really aren’t on WordPress or Blogspot. I mean, for Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, it’d be pretty easy, but for a freelance blog like this, it took some hard work!

Anyway, I’m just grateful that I’m blogging more often than not. I’m really excited as the semester comes to a close! There are so many plans right now, and I’m pretty damn stoked. I’ll try to cover all of these events to the best of my ability.

March 19 & 20 = OSH Disaster Management Training

March 19 = Lucky Doobie Presents Top Shottas at the Outpost

March 19 = Nick Automatic Summer Barrage

March 20 = CDU Fun Run

March 26 = Earth Hour Night Bike Ride

March 27 = ASAP Rocks

May 28  = Summer Sunscream

I know the Summer Sunscream is still pretty far away, but it’s THAT epic since I’m already this excited as early as now. Lots of things are happening! It’s the spice of life. For now, I’ve got to go study for a test. 4 chapters of Cognitive Psychology. Work and play come hand in hand. 2000 views, let’s aim for 10,000 soon!

If my blog has ever helped you in any way (finding the Pick-Up Shop or the Doodle Store), or if you’ve ever found amusement in my musings and adventures in life, please do leave a comment next time. It’s always good to hear feedback. Try pressing the comment button below, and leave you name. Comments and suggestions are always highly appreciated, and it’d only help and serve as inspiration for more blogging from yours truly!

Until next time, Cheers!


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