Hey, guys! It’s a bit late for me to post this, but better late than never. The title ‘A4D’ means Assholes for Dead. My best friends Martin, Kelly, and Andre are all part of this little group and we call ourselves the assholes. It also has a slight reference to the game Left 4 Dead and it was first used by my very good friend Andre. Check out his blog here.

Anyway, I’m here to rant about my Saturday (March 12) adventure with the assholes. It started in the morning, where I met with my school groupmates to start this little case study assignment in Managerial Accounting. Same usual lazy ass that I am, I made the suggestion that we just divide the load, work on it at home, and compile it later. I don’t understand why we don’t plan this over the internet right away. I guess it serves as an excuse for us to get out of the house and play L4D afterwards. Wiseass.

True as it was, we ended up dividing the work load and played L4D right away for about 2 hours. Lunch at Ricardo’s. Squeeze in one last L4D session. I headed to Ayala afterwards. Hitched with a friend since he was on his way there too. Did some errands for the council and just strolled around.

The original plan was for us 4 to meet at Ayala at around 3pm. But, no one really came. Kelly was busy with a project. Andre was in a thesis defense. Martin was asleep. I wasn’t surprised really. I called up Martin and told him we should just play L4D at an internet cafe near his house until the others were done with schoolwork. But before that, I made a quick stop at the Skills & Bones store. I wanted to get the Powerspoonz 3/4 raglan t-shirt, but there were no more sizes available.

Tabletop Counter.

The S&B Logo poster and Bicycle. Badass.

Photowall. Oh look, there I am!

So I chilled there for a while. Eventually went to Martin’s house and we played L4D. The last level of the 1st campaign was kind of infuriating on Advanced. We met up with Andre at around 7. Ate at this restaurant nearby CDU called Vibe’s. We went to Handuraw and met with Kelly. We got there around 9 and the bands started at around 10. We finished up at 12. Let the pictures do the talking, I’m feeling kind of lazy right now.

Martin & Andre.

Pretty chilled.

Martin & Kelly.

Starspit. Advice from the Vocalist. Don’t drink Red Bull. Pretty good sound.

Foc Fashion with the drummer of Bethany. Funky good as always.

Shuffled. Some catchy riffs. My eyes were glued on the huge-ass pedalboard and that beautiful looking Gibson Les Paul.

Bethany. They ended the night on a solid note, with some poetry reading and some anthemic rocking.

So we finished up at around 12 midnight, which was Handuraw’s closing time. We set out to buy some drinks and boy was my stomach acting up. I only had a few shots of our Red Bull Vodka concoction and I already stopped. I don’t know what it is with me, but I can’t really tolerate much alcohol. I don’t really find it that enjoyable either. Well, this’ll serve as a lesson.

I don’t know about the others, but they sure seemed hit. Red Bull Vodka tends to do that? We ended up playing one last game of L4D at Gols CDU. Bad idea. Slept over at Martin’s house since it was pretty late at around 3AM. That, my friends, was my Saturday adventure.

Sorry if it seems kind of bland, I’m pretty tired. I don’t really feel well right now. Anyway, might as well let the pictures do the talking. Will be making some posts soon regarding the Top Shottas at the Outpost on the 19th, the 2nd Earth Hour Bike Ride on the 26th, and ASAP Rocks Cebu on the 27th. Also, reminding you that Nick Automatic will be releasing their summer barrage on the 19th as well. 9 Shirts for you to pick out, so get stoked!

Lots of reasons to be excited for summer. I know I am. The following days will be pretty epic. And tiring too. I mean, lots of events to get excited about but it’s also happening simultaneously with finals week. One last stride to the finish line! Remember to keep posted, you never know what I may post here and there.

Until next time, Cheers!


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