Seek and you shall find the Skills & Bones store!

What’s up, everyone! We’re here to welcome the month of March with some cool hangs and even cooler swags. Summer is just right around the corner and all of the clothing lines are geared up for their summer release!

For us still schooling, it’s just about time for finals. The long haul and last hurdle before the semester officially ends. For all of the Carolinians, March 22-26 would be the last hurrah! After that, we welcome the sand and the waves! I can feel the cool breeze and the summer sun on my skin already!

Now that I’m done ranting, it’s time to move on to the actual point of this post! I’m sure many of us have heard of the prolific brand Skills & Bones Clothing Co. already! For those of you who don’t know, this is a clothing line that started around last year with a lot of  A-list rockstars in the heavy fray. With bands such as Franco, Urbandub, Powerspoonz, Kamikazee, The Ambassadors, and many more backing them up, it is surely class all around.

If I’m not mistaken, Skills & Bones has several owners. I think it’s safe to assume that Gabby Alipe of Urbandub/Franco and Crol Gabiana of Crol’s Tattoo are part owners. I’ll try to get an interview or a story going on so we can truly get the dirt on the Skills & Bones history!

Anyway, we might be familiar with the brand, but we might not know where to get the shirts! The store is kind of small, but the hardwood floor and the spotlights inside give it that gallery feel. It’s located right next to Crol’s Tattoo, so if you ever want to get some ink done as well. Bzzt Bzzt. It’s actually pretty near Ayala Center. It is also right behind Golden Peak! Here is the map so it’ll be much clearer to pinpoint.

So if you’re not taking a cab to just give the driver the exact address, some of the major jeepney routes are the 62B, 13C, 17B, and the 04C jeepneys. If you’re taking a 62B or a 13C, you could stop near Ayala or at Asilo De La Milagrosa and walk to the store. It’s a bit of a walk, but it isn’t too bad. If you’re taking the 04C or 17B jeepney, you stop at Escario Street. You should just ask around. Major landmarks like the S.S.S. and the Golden Peak shouldn’t be too hard to miss.

If you’re having a hard time finding the shop, feel free to leave me a PM or a comment below. Anyway, here are some shots of inside the store itself!

I told you the hardwood floor and spotlights gave it that gallery feel!

We’ve got some rockstar models here with Sir Kingspade of Powerspoonz and Sir Gabby Alipe of Franco/Urbandub fame.

If ever you’re in town, you should give the store a visit. Out of all the stores that feature the local independent clothing scene, the Skills & Bones store is probably the best when it comes to store aesthetics. Check it out!

Anyway, you could check out their Facebook page, but sometimes they might not really respond that quickly. Here are their current releases:

Suspitsados Unite! Franco Embrace the Natural 3/4 Sleeves Raglan T-Shirt.

Powerspoonz Ubec City Livin’ 3/4 Sleeves Raglan T-Shirt.

I might visit the store tomorrow to get an update on the prices. I’m pretty sure the Powerspoonz Raglan Tee is at PHP 600. I’m not so sure on the Franco Raglan Tee though. Safe assumption is that it’s around the PHP 600-700 ballpark figure.

So there you have it! Seek and you shall find the Skills & Bones Store! I hope this little post will help you find your way around the local scene. Keep posted for summer hangs and more articles coming your way. More interviews, releases, concerts, and events!

Until next time, Cheers!


13 thoughts on “Seek and you shall find the Skills & Bones store!

    1. bro, check out their facebook pages! even though the shirts are made here, they have exclusive resellers in various places and you can also inquire about their shipping policy.

    1. ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting today, December 5, all SKILLS & BONES shirts and tank tops will be at 650 PESOS each and raglans at 750 PESOS each. Shipping fee is 100 (JRS) and 165 (LBC). For more inquiries, please text me at these numbers – 09263358850, 09083010555, 09324206351. Thanks! Keep safe everyone!

      Contact the numbers. Her name’s April Taghoy. :)

  1. I just want to ask if pwede ba kayong gumawa ng design and yun ang gagamitin sa t-shirt design, kung pwede the same parin poh a yung payment?? thank you

  2. Skills and Bones Cothing Co. Manila branch is currently located at 28-B Matino St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. it’s also near Kalayaan Ave Corner Matino St., QC and Malumanay St corner Matino St., Teachers Village,QC. Contact them through 09235754113.

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