A sad day for music.

Hey guys! I don’t really have anything to post that is related with the local scene. I can’t go to the RocketOne does 1318 gig today because I don’t have a car and none of my usual music loving friends are going. Maybe next time.

I am delighted to announce that our planned business to market 3/4 sleeved plain baseball raglan t-shirts is pushing through! I’m really excited to get this venture going. It’s nice to see some plain loving in a sea of graphic pop/doodle art in the streets and malls.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is just to rant. I was at the music store earlier. While testing one of their electric guitars (an Epiphone LP), this kid behind me picks up an acoustic guitar and starts strumming some chords. I’m like, why does this (the strumming pattern and chords) sound so awfully familiar? He then starts belting out the opening moans of the song Baby by Justin Bieber.

I think this really is a sad day for music. A little part of my soul has just died. No offense to Justin Bieber or any of the pop artists out there, but when songs like Baby are the popular choices of today’s generation, it saddens me. It’s become more about the image and production value than the actual music.

Let’s take music back to where it was. It was never about the image or the looks. It was never about the production value and the thousands of adoring teeny-bopper fans. It was always about the SOUND. Plain and simple. If something was worth listening to, it would deserve respect. Now, artists have to conform to the standards of today’s music scene.

Just a little rant. I must be a little pissed because I can’t watch the RocketOne does 1318 gig at the Outpost haha. Oh well, there will be other gigs.

Anyway, until next time. Cheers!


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