Here comes the Nick Automatic Summer Barrage!

Hey folks! Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. We’ve been really swamped with schoolwork as finals week approaches. No worries, as summer arrives, I’ll be able to update you guys more frequently with the happenings of the local scene!

Alright, Sir Nicolo Nimor of Nick Automatic couldn’t wait any longer and posted this full on barrage of selections to choose from for their Summer Barrage release! No more sloppy previews! Take a gander!

Damn, gone with the previews! Straight up goodness!

Damn! 9 shirts! This is only the first page! The second page of the catalogue will be posted soon, so keep tabs on that. What a doozy! Click on the picture for a higher resolution image. I don’t even know what I want, but from the looks of the shirts, they have all of the Nick Automatic fans in a frenzy! Let me take a safe guess in assuming that the first shirt to be sold out will be the Cut-off Cliff version 2 t-shirt, which is the purple one, the middle shirt in the 3rd row. Well, that’s my prediction based on these 9 shirts I’m looking at.

But wait, There’s more! Nick Automatic will be releasing two limited edition caps! That’s right! It may be relatively old news, but it’s still worth checking out. Here’s the first release:

NICK AUTOMATIC, in letters big and bold!


Sir Nicolo Nimor himself is modeling the cap in this pic! It’ll be available in the 1st week of March at Nick’s Doodle Store, so keep updated for the official date. It’ll be PHP 750 for the first week and PHP 950 after that, so get it as early as you can!

Here’s the second cap preview. A little ode for those of you in love with the Nick Automatic logo and for those of you who want a little variety in the color department:

Don’t mind the footer marked January 2011, it’s actually March 2011.


Zoom in to the orange and grey madness!


This second cap will be a collaboration with WIP Caps. They’re well known cap makers here in the Philippines. Do check them out and click the link! It’ll also be this March, if I’m not mistaken. Price hasn’t been confirmed but according to some rumors, it’ll start from around PHP 1200 onwards. Do save up!

There we have it. A little news to help start the summer out right! The Nick Automatic Summer Barrage! Totally stoked for this one!

This weekend will be the RocketOne goes 1318 gig at the Outpost! Check out your favorite 1318 recording studio artists such as Drop Decay, Dymphna, Short 5’6, Lyza Venice, Dance With Me Kris, Foc Fashion, and Bethany!

If I don’t get too swamped with assignments and lessons to study for, I’ll do a little coverage on the event. More pictures to come with my sister’s old Canon Digicam, I’m still no DSLR fag. Just keep checking out the blog for any updates. Still waiting on Sir Chad Manzo from Scars to wrap up the e-interview questions. Also, the plain raglan business is still in the works. We’re wrapping up some minor kinks. Let’s hope it’ll come your way during the wicked summer of 2011.

Until next time, Cheers!


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