Seek and you shall find.

Hey guys! I recently checked out the WordPress site stats, and the search queries that led to this site (for this week) were as follows:

killapinas clothing logo  
think positive cebu  
think positive wear logo  
mermollie stickers  
lalay lim uplb 2011 photos  
killapinas doyle see interview ramblings  
scar of gab alipe  
v logo  
pick up shop t shirts in cebu  
pop+doddle t-shirts in cebu mormollienk  
good morning high fives  
mermollie ink person  
mermollie ink cebu location  
location of mermollie ink shop in cebu  
mermollie ink in cebu  
the pick-up shop cebu mermollie  
local wear  
nick automatic logo head

Some were pretty sensible, while some were just downright unrelated.  I don’t know how my website could be affiliated with Gabby Alipe’s aforementioned scar or how you could find a V logo on this site.

Anyway, what astounded me were the search inquiries regarding the location of Mermollie Ink shirts in Cebu. Looks like there are some fans who don’t have facebook pages to help them. Looks like they need a little help! Luckily, I’m always here to help eager merch fans.

The Pick Up Shop (formerly known as Merch Connect) features this particular line-up in the independent clothing scene:

ROBO Muffin

Think Positive Wear

Mermollie Ink

The Plague

Matty Co. Shirts

With that out of the way,

Here is the revered map to find the Pick Up Shop!


Here’s the full size picture! People who are acquainted with Cebu geography would have no trouble finding the Pick Up Shop! For those who aren’t though, check out the map.

You could go around Fuente Circle and ask around for the path going to the CAP theater. You could also ask for the path going to the Department of Health office. You could also ask for the Crown Regency Hotel too. There are many possible landmarks you could base from.

After you’ve established a landmark, try to look for the competing fastfood restaurants McDonald’s and Jollibee. They shouldn’t be too hard to spot, they’re practically next to Crown Regency. Once you find these fastfood restaurants, the Pick Up Shop is just behind Jollibee. Or across McDonald’s, whichever path you fancy.

It’s a pretty small shop, so don’t get fooled. However, there’s a signboard that is pretty distinct. It’s also next to this Religious items and Bookstore, so you could also use that for basis.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. For all those lost wanderers looking for indie shirts, do not worry. I’m always here to answer any possible questions you may have. Do leave a comment or PM me!

We have big plans for this week! A possible interview with Scars main man, Chad Manzo? Another feature map on the location of Nick’s Doodle Store? We’ll see. Keep sharing and sharing!

Hopefully, more people will be able to find and locate the Pick Up Shop with ease, as it wasn’t easy for me to locate the first time too.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this t-shirt journey!

Until next time! Cheers!

Edit: Sorry, I had a slight boo-boo! Looks like The Antiquity shirts aren’t available at the Pick-Up Shop. I may have heard wrong. Instead, check out their premiere debut event at The OutpostThe Assembly” this February 24 alongside other indie brands and lines! Featuring performances from Mark Cortes, Carlo Pez, and the Nomads! Support! Support! Check out the links for more information.


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