An interview with the visionary behind Killapinas Threads.

Boy, do we have a treat for you folks today! I’ve really been getting into the local independent clothing scene and I really love my purchases so far. But, have we really gotten to know the people responsible behind our favorite brand and clothing lines? It’d do wonders if we all read this post! Here’s my official interview with the main man of Killapinas Threads, Sir Doyle See!

Into the mind of the man known as overdose.

• Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up becoming an apparel designer.

DS: Hi everyone! My name is Doyle See, some of you might have heard of me under different aliases I go by – oohdoyle, overdose, kllpns. I also run a small independent clothing line, Killapinas, and I do merch designs mostly on the apparel side. I graduated with a major in Multimedia and the Internet which was more on websites, some Flash animation and a bit of graphics stuff as well.

Around 2006, I started working for a software company but was approached by a local clothing line to do some designs after they saw some merch that I did for my band, Guilttoflow. Eventually that led me to do more merch designs on the side, working with some local bands as well. I have since been involved in the apparel industry as well as doing merch like CD packaging and posters locally and a few from overseas.

• How would you describe your art style for Killapinas Threads and when designing for other brands/lines? Who are your major influences?

DS: I think locally, Killapinas is different from the other brands simply because of our theme which is mostly based on horror designs ranging from zombies, mummies, some blood and splatters. Design-wise, we are different as we have incorporated less of the cartoon style that is the current trend with the local shirts that are coming out. Although there are a few brands abroad that have catered to this kind of theme, we try to be different by using monochromatic, oversized designs and white/gray colored shirts most of the time.

As for working with other brands, I usually do a bit of research about them and gather as much information and resources so I can come up with a solid design. I also initially ask for a creative/design brief – if they have a concept/idea they want incorporated in the design. In general, my art style usually consists of heavy shadows and texturing and a lot of splatters.

• Can you give us a brief history of how Killapinas Threads came into fruition?

DS: Killapinas started around late 2009; as I have been involved in the local merch and apparel industry, I had a few ideas that I wanted to try out which didn’t really fit the brands and bands that I was working with so I decided to start my own line. My first release was only a single design which was printed on a few shirts. Fortunately, they got sold out and I was able to do reprints and a few more designs after that. Thankfully, I am now currently producing 4-5 designs per release.

• Your brand is currently housed over at Nick’s Doodle Store with other clothing lines like Nick Automatic, Monster Ink, Spread The Virus, Scars and Strawberry. Your thoughts on the store and the lines featured alongside your brand?

DS: I am very fortunate enough to be able to put up my brand alongside other great ones at NA’s Doodle Store. The most significant factor regarding the shop is that it maintains its integrity of having good quality shirts by having only selected brands available. As for the other brands, we actually help each other in promoting our line and don’t really consider each other as a competitor.

• What’s your ideal workspace? Do you need to get into a certain mindset or do some ritual before starting? Also, tell us a bit about your current set-up with regards to laptop/desktop, tablet and editing software.

DS: My current workspace at home is just a desktop PC running on Windows with an old CRT monitor, an HP scanner and a Wacom tablet. I use different softwares depending on how I want to approach a certain project. I don’t really have any rituals before starting on a specific project but sometimes I disable my internet so I don’t get distracted. I usually tell myself to not be lazy which can be more prevalent when I’m working at home. I also always try and keep my files organized to help me get things done quickly.

• Of all the designs you’ve made, which would be your top 3 and why?

1.) Twinkle Dudu / RIPT Apparel Into Space.

DS: It’s because that was when I realized what I truly wanted to do in terms of design style and where I wanted to go with my work, plus I get to bundle the design with a CD packaging layout too.

2.) Killapinas Rage

DS: I was just happy with how it turned out – not really a “busy” design but just straight up, in-your-face zombie guy with a long beard screaming right at you with those scary eyes.

3.) King Ly Chee Varsity

DS: It’s because even with the over-sized colorful shirts that are famous nowadays, I still like to design (and wear) stuff that are just text-based and simple.

• What are 3 surprising things that people wouldn’t expect from you at first glance?

DS: I’m pretty much very ordinary which in my opinion isn’t really how people would expect to see someone who does apparel.

• I wear slippers and shorts a lot because they’re just so comfortable.

• I like to wear white shirts with small prints.

• I am in my mid 20’s.

• What are your thoughts and opinions on the current status of Cebu’s independent clothing lines in terms of both the designers and the audience?

DS: I think we’re producing a lot of really great designers which is always expected from Cebu. They are very eager to learn new skills and techniques and eventually create some unique style of their own. The downside is that with every trend that comes out, there will be a lot of people who will be quick to ride the bandwagon which can sometimes pollute the industry. With regards to the audience, they are no doubt very supportive and will go all out to get your merch. The difficult part though is that if you’re experimenting with a new style or type of clothing, you will be taking a bit of a risk as they don’t adapt that easily with something that is not yet a trend.

• What is the most helpful piece of advice you could give to designers and dreamers who would like to start their own clothing line or business?

DS: Plan carefully and take your time to create a cohesive brand. Produce stuff not only because you know it would sell but also because you believe in it. Prepare to be let down, have a hard time getting sales and have a few people constantly hating you and/or your brand. Last but most probably the golden rule:

“Never copy from other brands – try and be as close to being unique.”

• What future plans do you have in store for Killapinas Threads? Any exclusive spoilers or sneak peeks, perhaps?

DS: I’m trying to free some time to finish all the designs for our next release but I’m sure there will be several people excited on this one as we will (for the first time) be having several different shirt colors for the next release. And with that hint, you probably know around when this release will happen. There will also be one design which will be in a different type of clothing that will match the season of its release.

• Where could people check out your design portfolio and/or official website? Also, should any potential clients have inquiries regarding your designs, where could they contact you at?

DS: They can check out my online portfolio and personal work though these links:

Official page:

For Killapinas, you can visit us at:

Official page:
Facebook fanpage:

For projects and inquiries, you can e-mail me at

• Where could potential buyers get their share of Killapinas Threads official merchandise?

DS: You can get your Killapinas shirts at Nick’s Doodle Store, that’s in Boromeo Arcade, F. Ramos St., Cebu City. For orders outside Cebu, we also have distributors which you can check at the FAQ area of our Facebook fanpage. If your area doesn’t have a distributor available, we can ship your orders nationwide through LBC, just post your orders at our Facebook Discussion page.

• Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions, Sir Doyle! Hopefully, people will know more about the man behind the concept and vision that is Killapinas Threads! Before we end, are there any last minute shout-outs you’d like to make?

DS: First of all, I’d like to thank you for this interview, I honestly enjoyed it; thanks! I’d also like to thank everyone who has supported Killapinas which makes this all worthwhile and fun! THANK YOU!

There you have it folks! You have just read the first-hand insight of the man who has brought to life the brand we have all known to love, Killapinas Threads. If you read the interview religiously, he has a lot of plans in store for their next release. New colors (a first!) and possibly a tanktop? Who knows!

Aren’t you glad that when you wear your shirts, be it from Killapinas Threads or from the other local lines he’s designed for such as ROBO Muffin, Cerdo Clothing, and the Antiquity, you’ll be able to beam with pride knowing that you know the history and legacy of the man who designed the very shirt you’re wearing.

Leave a comment below for suggestions regarding the next interviewee or if you have any reactions in general. Any buzz is good buzz. Share this post to your friends! Take some pride in knowing the designers of the prized Cebu clothing scene.

I’ll try to bring more interviews and coverage for you all in the future. Things are cookin’ and it’s a great start to 2011! Cheers!


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