Single Awareness Day a.k.a. SAD

Love is in the air! Or not. Today is the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day, a commonly celebrated festival that is meant usually for couples and the sharing of their love and intimacy. But how much do we really know about this occasion?

Wikipedia tells me that the Roman Catholic Church commemorated this day to various martyrs of the church named Valentine. So, instead of the usual musings of love and gift-giving to your beloved other, the true origins of this day was to celebrate the martyrs that gave up their lives during the early life of the Roman Catholic Church.

Not to be morbid, but it really shies away from the usual notions that we practice. From giving out roses and chocolates to wearing red or pink colored clothes and adornments, it is a day of festivity and a celebration of love. Which is not so bad, by the way. It’s nice to show your appreciation for someone. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, it could also be to your family members or dear friends.

Whatever your trip is during the Valentine’s, this day proves to us that love is to be taken seriously and shouldn’t just be highlighted on the 14th of February, but for everyday of the whole year! We should go out of our way to make others feel special, not just for today.

Maybe I’m just rambling because I don’t have a date today. Who knows? Our school org, USC-CEC (University of San Carlos – Collegiate Engineering Council), had the opening program for its event LOVE DAYS 2011. It was pretty much standard fare with everyone wearing red and/or pink and giving out roses and chocolates. Song and dance performances here and there, and some activities like a love forum, a dating game, a compatibility game, and a love offering mass.

I gave a friend some Ferrero Rocher chocolates today! I asked her to be my Valentine, and she said yes. Not that there’s anything going on between us (or could there? :>) but it feels nice to give something to someone and see the smile on their face for knowing that it came from you. Who knows. Love still avoids me to this day, but I’m in no rush. Love can wait.

Anyway, lots of rambling right now. Just wanted to get it out. Sir Doyle See already responded to my PM and he’ll try to answer the questions ASAP. Hopefully, I’ll post the interview by around Wednesday or Thursday. Lots of plans going on in my head. Hope to be able to do all of them!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there, and Cheers to the single people out there. We too, shall celebrate our own day. It shall be called SAD. Single Awareness Day.

Hope all is well. Cheers!


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