Davao Trip! (and then some)

Hey guys, I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to update my blog for a while now. It was really crazy last week because we went to Davao for a 3 day long weekend and midterms followed suit. I really wanted to update right away so it’d be fresh in my memory but oh well.

The trip to Davao was pretty amazing. We left Cebu at around 11am and arrived at Davao around 12nn. We had a quick drive-through over at McDonald’s before heading to Eden Nature Park and Resort. Let me tell you, through my experiences of places of wonder, Eden has got to be in the top 10. The place is lush and beautiful. It’s pretty cold since the elevation from sea level is close to 3000 feet. The forest is 95% man-made, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It’s a natural ecosystem that strives beautifully. Everything about it is just pure bliss. We were able to spend 1 full day there. We spent Friday afternoon on the Eden tour which featured beautiful places such as Lola’s Garden, the Amphitheater, the Native tribe set-up, and other places worth mentioning as well. All in all, a great experience. Something I’d truly recommend to someone looking for a true laid back get-away in paradise.

Saturday afternoon, we packed our things and bade goodbye to Eden. We made our way to the city proper, and checked in to the Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases. It was pretty sweet too, very nice and clean. Just that feeling you get when you check into a room with clean and good smelling sheets and fluffy pillows. We headed over to Gaisano Mall to just chill and have some snacks. A couple of friends of my sister went and brought us out to dinner. We ate dinner at this fine restaurant named Harana. I was born in Davao, so obviously we spent some time there. Harana is one of the oldest restaurants in Davao and it is well known for its spareribs. It did not disappoint. Afterwards, we went to Jack’s Ridge to check out the view of the entire city of Davao. The view was simply breathtaking. Lastly, we went to Matina Town Square. Just a myriad collection of trinket shops, bars, restaurants and the like. We chilled at Blugre coffee,  well known for its Durian Coffee, which I’ve had before. Pretty good too. We called it a night afterwards. Thanks a lot to my sister’s friends for bringing us around for a swell time and some cool hangs.

Sunday morning was an early breakfast courtesy of Hotel Ritz. We went to hear mass at Assumption, then went over to NCCC mall for lunch. We ended up eating at Mang Inasal. 5 cups of rice for the fail! Anyway, we went to booksale afterwards. I love going to booksale. You never know the back-issue magazines and old books you get that are always up for grabs at very reasonable prices. We went back to the hotel to rest until dinnertime. My dad’s 2nd degree cousins took us out to dinner at Ahfat. Ahfat is a Chinese restaurant that is well known for its Big family servings and just traditional feel. The food was good and it was all good. We headed over to Coffeecat afterwards for some yogurt goodness! The original branch of Coffeecat was established here in Davao and I’m grateful they chose to expand on over in Cebu. The green tea yogurt was exceptional as always. We called it a night afterwards. A little wi-fi and television before heading to bed.

Monday morning was another sumptuous breakfast courtesy of the Ritz Hotel. Our flight was 8:30am in the morning, so I was awake by 5:30am and ready to go by 6:00am. Pretty hectic, If I must say. We headed to the airport and said goodbye to the quaint but advancing city of Davao. Just in time for POM make-up class. Another day at the office. Or school. Whatever.

Here are some pictures for those of you who don’t really want to read the blog! A quick photojournal that summarizes our wonderful trip to Davao.

Waiting for the Cebu Pacific chartered flight to Davao City!

Clowning around at the Native Tribe Village in Eden.

At the beautiful Amphitheater!

The restaurant and open field playground.

At the gazeebo and open field with the Pine trees. Personally, this is the most beautiful part of Eden.

A play on the jump shot. Successful, if I do say so myself.

On top of the tower of the Skyrider!

At the lobby of the Hotel Ritz at the Garden Oases.

At Harana restaurant with my sister’s friends.

With the Davao sign over at Jack’s Ridge. Beautiful view.

Trying out the drinks in Bluegre. Delicioso!

With my dad’s relatives at Ahfat Restaurant. Pretty good.

The original Coffeecat in Davao! Yogurt FTW!

Enzo’s tired but happy. His demeanor pretty much sums up our trip.

I’d like to do a bit of plugging before I end this post. After all, it is my blog!

Thanks to Eden Nature Park for the wonderful experience of truly being in paradise even if it was only just a short while!

Thanks also to the now defunct Venom Three Clothing for the Cereal Killer shirt! Still servin’ up some whoop-ass! Check out the new reincarnation over at Nick’s Doodle Store aptly named Venomous Brothers Co. too! Thanks also to Nick Automatic for the cool Cliff and Mosh and Pencil Crew Black t-shirts. It’s all good with the Cebu local independent clothing scene!

Well, hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon. Let’s see what else is in store for us this 2011. It’s certainly off to a good start. Cheers!



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