The Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast-Off 2011!

Hey everyone! Yesterday, January 15, was the official date of the Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast-Off 2011! It was such an amazing event. You had to be there to be able to fully appreciate the magic of it all. Hey, for my regular readers, don’t worry. I’ll be posting a lot of pictures from the said event. You don’t have to worry about me rambling on and typing a full wall of text. :>

Anyway, Me & my friend Manu got to the Grand Convention Center at around 2pm. You could call us excited, but the truth is that we were excited. Very much so. We secured our tickets. Of course, yours truly got a VIP Ticket. Two free drinks, free Sonic Boom Philippines Logo shirt and a free TeeDee CD. Can you beat that package deal?

We were lounging around when the rain started pouring. I’m always glad that the Blast Off Concert locations are indoor. I wasn’t able to cover the Pinatikai event at the Mango Square Roofdeck, but I hope people weren’t as rained on as I thought. At around 3:30 pm, my other friend Dominic arrived. The gates opened at around 4:30 pm. I could not be more stoked!

Yes, that is me waiting impatiently.

The proverbial gates to paradise. or not.

Smiles like these are priceless.


We were one of the first few people inside and it looked like some of the booths were setting up for THREAD! Fest! What is THREAD! Fest! you ask? It’s a gathering of Cebu’s finest local indie clothing lines converging for one hell of a merchandise extravaganza! Established only this year, we’ll hopefully see it in the coming Sinulog Blast-Offs! Exclusive releases from the following stores and clothing lines:

(Click on the logos to take you to their respective facebook pages)



Nick Automatic

Killapinas Threads

Monster Ink




Tee Dee Hear and Wear


6-12 INDIE:

Product of Uranus

Schizo Co.


Strawberry Clothing


Whew, all that plugging took a while! You can check out their facebook pages by clicking the respective logos, so go do that! Here are some live pictures (click on the thumbnails) from the THREAD! Fest! booths:

Sir Chad Manzo manning the Scars Booth!

Markov Clothing Company Booth!

Killapinas Threads Booth!

6-12 Indie Booth!

Strawberry Clothing Booth!

Aside from the THREAD! Fest! there were several other attractions coming from the sidelines of the main concert grounds.

Uzi Emperado, a local freelance artist, was displaying his live artwork. Check out his impressive painting. You just don’t see these things everyday.

He was celebrating his birthday during the event and I do not think he could have spent the day any better. Cheers!

Also, there was an event set up by Jack Daniels Whiskey where they set up a giant 12×1 tarp. The one with the farthest knee-slide would win a free Deftones concert ticket! It was a hoot!

Now on to the main feature! Here are pictures of some of the bands! Let me tell you guys in advance, I do not have pictures of all the bands. I wish I could tell you guys that I covered all 22 bands, but I didn’t. I only have pictures of most of the earlier frontlining acts. I guess I have several excuses and reasons. The first was because I had to eat dinner. A man’s gotta eat, right? The second was because I was covering other things like the knee-slide and the THREAD!Fest! Maybe I’ll hire several minions to help me with coverage next time. The third and last reason was that my battery ran out. The third reason is totally unexcusable, right? Well, this is my first time covering an event as huge as this and sad to say, I didn’t bring an extra battery pack. Lesson learned. Anyway, you’ll still find pictures of several bands worth checking out! Continue to support the local music scene! I promise to make it up to you guys with better coverage next time!

(Click on the thumbnails for bigger images and the band names for their facebook page.)

Foc Fashion

Drop Out Club



Good Morning High Fives

March The Sky




9 out of 22. I’d say that’s nearly passing. I’ll try to cover all the bands next year! I’ll make that a priority. Ugh, it feels sad I don’t have pictures of Sirens, Lightyear, Detached, Twinkledudu, Jejaview, Campbell, The Ambassadors, Gasulina, December Avenue, The Line Divides, Urbandub, Love Me Butch and Faspitch. I might as well have missed the concert! Well, I stuck around for most of those bands and it was truly rewarding. Let’s just say my lack of coverage will be something a little exclusive to those who went and actually watched the Blast-Off.

I ended up typing a lot of text again! Don’t worry, my next post will be mostly pictures and it’s coming up right after this post. This post is all about the coverage. My next post will be pictures with the local notables! Check that out!

Thank you so much to Sir Kaloy Uypuanco and Sir Alex ‘Phatboy’ Lim of Sonic Boom Philippines for bringing us the biggest and best Sinul0g Blast-Off yet! 5th year anniversary and it’s only growing stronger!

How’d I do with this post? Hope you all found it interesting!  We’ve started off 2011 with a big BOOM! Let’s continue 2011 with bigger and better things to come! Until next time!




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