Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast Off 2011: A photojournal of the local notables.

Well, for my next post, I just wanted to show you some pictures I got with the local notables. Local Notables? Just people who I think have really excelled in terms of musicality or design! Check it! STARSTRUCK! *_*

With Sonic Boom Philippines Rockette Reporter, Buchay Mercado!

With the Vocalist of Good Morning High Fives, June Jumao-as!

With the Vocalist of March The Sky, Xane Castillo!

With the Organizer of the event, Kaloy Uypuanco!

With the Vocalist/Rhythm Guitars of Bethany, Luis Quibranza III!

With Scars’ own Chad Manzo!

With the latest artist to design for TeeDee Hear and Wear, Uzi Emperado!

With the drummer of Campbell and the man of the Automatic, Nicolo Nimor!

With the bassist of Powerspoonz, Mr. Kingspade!

With the drummer of Powerspoonz, Iana!

With the Vocalist of Powerspoonz, Akit Po!

With the Bassist of Urbandub, Lalay Lim!

With the Vocals/Guitars of Urbandub/Franco, Gabby Alipe!

Do I even have to say anything else? I think these pictures sum up the awesomeness that is the Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast-Off! Let’s hope 2012 will be even better. Bring in Franco to make it complete!



6 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast Off 2011: A photojournal of the local notables.

  1. Hey there! It’s my first time to join this event mao nag google ko then i stumble upon ur blog, sadly gen admish rako. hehe, pinakalast ba ang udub mutugtog? salamat!

    1. hey! it doesn’t really matter if general admission ka, because you can still get up and close! the VIP section is actually pretty far from the stage and it’s just for the t-shirt, but it’s convenient because it isn’t really crowded. but if moshpits are your thing, then you won’t mind. last time (2011), it was faspitch who played last. last year, I think it was udub who played last? but I’m pretty sure one of the last 2-3 bands cla to play. ^_^

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