The Local Clothing Scene.

I’ve just joined the craze of the independent Cebu Clothing lines! I haven’t made my own clothing line (yet :P) but I’m a fan of the designs and I’m proud to support not-the-usual-run-of-the-mill type of t-shirts that you find at the mall. To give you an example, I got some shirts yesterday at the grand opening of the PICK-UP SHOP. It’s a small t-shirt store that carries the Cebu brands VENOM THREE, MERMOLLIE INK, and THINK POSITIVE WEAR.

So, the grand opening was on Saturday. November 13, 2010.  I arrived at the place at around 8:30AM.  They were giving away free shirts for the 1st 20 customers in the line. Me and my friend were lucky 19 & 20. I have to thank him for being earlier because if he wasn’t, we probably wouldn’t have gotten those free t-shirts and an advantage over the crazy line that was building up. Around 9AM the people started to flock. All of these crazy kids with t-shirts from their favorite local clothing line. I felt a bit sheepish since I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt from any of the local clothing lines. Well, that was going to change.

At exactly 10AM, the doors opened! It was a frenzy that had the potential to be a ruckus. Good thing it wasn’t. They were letting kids go in. I was so glad we got that priority number. I swear, it was like a moshpit at the local concert grounds. When we went inside, my friend and I were treated to an amazing array of colorful and well designed t-shirts, raglans and accessories. In this small shop, there was a ray of hope for Cebu’s local clothing. Hey, not to bash on the other Local brands we have here like Bench and what-not, I just want a kind of t-shirt brand that all of us can relate to, and we found that here, in the tiny pick-up shop. The owner of Venom Three, Kharl Caballero, was kind enough to sit and watch as the kids who adorn his work were flocking in like kids in a candy store.

I was looking at some of the things from Think Positive Wear and Mermollie Ink, but my eyes were glued on to the Venom Three shirts. My friend was looking for any raglan (the 3/4’s sleeved shirt) that he could find. I ended up buying these particular shirts:


Cereal Killer.

Ahh yes, these shirts popped out at first sight. I loved the designs, and didn’t have any qualms about it. The sizes were a bit confusing, but I guess that’s to be expected since that was the first time I bought any of their t-shirts. My friend got his raglan and we proceeded to pay. We got lots of freebies (pick-up shop t-shirt and several stickers) and we went out happy campers. There must have been around 50-60 kids crowding the entrance as we had to elbow our way out of there. It was worth the wait. I can’t wait to wear these t-shirts with Cebu pride.

There are still a lot of t-shirt brands I have not discussed, one of the more popular Indie lines NICK AUTOMATIC. Hopefully, I’ll get more into this topic once I get to visit the doodle store for some other Cebu created merch! Well, that’s another post for another time. Hats off to VENOM THREE, MERMOLLIE INK, and THINK POSITIVE WEAR for a great launch of THE PICK-UP SHOP. I hope more kids (and possibly kids at heart) will open their eyes and see how great local talent can create t-shirts at a fair and reasonable price. It may just combat the international brands, one conversion at a time.

So ’til the next post, always remember to have fun kids!


P.S., For more information regarding the clothing lines discussed in this post, click on the respective links below to check out their facebook fan page.

Shout-out to:

•John Louie Candelario (a.k.a. BRO) for accompanying me to the Pick-Up Shop opening. RAGLAN!

•Kevin Michael Belleza (a.k.a. diver dude) for going but not buying anything. Maybe next time.

•Sir Ritche Gimena (a.k.a. ChBz) for introducing us to these wonderful lines.

•Sir Kharl Caballero (a.k.a. ?) for a successful opening. Go ROBO muffin!


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