Semestral Break

How is everyone? I know I must have left this blog to go die in a fire, but it is still alive and kicking. I felt really guilty about not updating this blog as much as I would have wanted to, but some things have prevented me from doing so. I actually keep a journal now. Sometimes, I can’t post things here and that really limits me. That’s one advantage a journal has. Another advantage of a journal is that it’ll withstand time (hopefully) since it isn’t just electronic data. It is real paper and if kept preserved, will last!

Anyway,  my sembreak so far has been fairly productive. CEC Victory Party/Sportsfest, Sangka sa Kinaadman and enrollment starting this week.  There are many realizations that have come to me.  It’s good to be idle once in a while, but sooner or later it’ll drive one crazy.  We appreciate the down time we get because we are so busy with our affairs in school and in our extra-curricular activities.

I must be rusty, since words aren’t coming out of my fingertips like they usually do. Well, I just wanted to make a post. I’ll be here for sure! Posting here at least once a week, hopefully more. I just find rambling and ranting so therapeutic. Any comments and suggestions for blog posts would be highly appreciated. :)


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