The Slopes of Busay

Hallelujah! This blog has been resurrected again! I know I have taken this blog for granted, it’s just that it’s kind of tiring to keep updating the blog when you sometimes have a blank mind. It really is a great experience to be biking around Cebu. It is so much different than commuting or driving a car. You really get to feel the air and take in your surroundings at that particular moment of time.

Today was no different. It was just another day for biking. The plan was supposed to be that the four of us (Me, Andre, Martin & Kelly) would go on this conquest together but alas, it was not meant to be. It looked like the day would begin with just me and Andre. It wasn’t something to fret upon however, as we had a long and arduous climb ahead of us.

I woke up around 5:30 am and my head was kind of throbbing. Our last plan to go biking failed miserably, so I made sure that today was going to push through. I prepared some clothes and headed out. I got my bike from a friend’s house and Andre and I started early. We started at a slow pace and it was pretty easy since the ground was leveled. We got to JY Square, and from there the steep incline started to make its presence felt.

The first few minutes were bearable as it only caused a minor discomfort in the thighs and lower parts of the body. You know the good thing about biking in the early morning is that you can avoid the heat of the sun. It was pretty good that it was a cold morning. Last time we went to Busay, it was a hot afternoon. We only made it to Marco Polo before we called it a day. Today however was not going to be a short journey. The slopes would be conquered!

After about 15 minutes of cycling uphill, the pain in the thighs was starting to unravel. We decided to take a short break before continuing this dangerous and hard conquest. The thing about perserverence is that it’s beautiful. There are times you know you want to quit and your body is giving out, but your mind remains strong. Your mind signals the body to run on adrenaline and make a push. We finally made it to leveled ground for a while and breathed a sigh of relief. It was shortlived however as the next zigzags along the trail were inclined.

We made it to a sari-sari store and bought some ice water to replenish the water our bodies had lost. The gatorade I brought along was insufficient in supplying the needs to quench my thirst. Next time, I should bring about 2-3 bottles when going on this trail.

We almost gave up after a while and Andre got fatigued. We took another break and after what seemed like an eternity, we made it to Jardin de Busay and shortly after, Chateau de Busay. It was great that we made it to these landmarks. I could at least say I made it to Busay proper on a bike! These things are not as easy as they seem. Preparation and conditioning is key when you want to tackle these slopes.

We pushed through until our bodies couldn’t really take it anymore. I wanted to reach Mountainview but my friend was severely out of it. We were taking more and more breaks. I decided before it got out of hand that we should go down and try to reach the peaks some other time. It was still a success for me as the distance we reached at that point was nothing to scoff at.

The downhill trek was super rewarding. You could feel the wind in your hair and the morning breeze was refreshing. I forgot about the fatigue I felt for those few moments. It’s really surprising to know how it only takes about 10-15 minutes to go down as opposed to the 1 hour trip going up.

We hit the blind curve section which had warning signs to slow down. I made a sharp turn along the zigzag but unfortunately wasn’t able to turn left at the last instant. I crashed and fell down into the ditch. I hit both brakes a bit too late and overturned both myself and the bike. I am grateful that I have no major injuries. A few scratches here and a bruise there. I gained knowledge however to not take the downhill ride for granted. You should always hit the brakes slowly and you shouldn’t careen off course. Even if the downhill descent is super tempting since the speed is really fast, you should take safety as your main concern. The bike didn’t suffer any scratches, but the rear wheel brake needs to be adjust. I saw stars and a green light at that instant as I was kind of fading out of consciousness. A little water and a bit of rest and I was good to go.

The downhill descent didn’t last long and we made it back to the city. Because of the rear brake, I had a much harder time pedalling. I thought it was just the fatigue setting in but it was really the brake that slowed me down. It took us about 45 minutes to get from Lahug to Mandaue. It was THAT slow.

I am now home. My sister didn’t kill me for damaging the bike ever so slightly. My parents were concerned but not angry. Andre and I arrived at my house with bread, pasta and iced tea with our names on it! It was truly rewarding. The calories I lost during the trek was probably for naught as I ate a lot in that short amount of time.

I am now writing this blog, away from the rays and heat of the sun and in front of  the electric fan. I was grateful that my injuries were tended to and am now going to rest. I thought I was going swimming this afternoon, but I guess those plans will have to be postponed for another day. The injury didn’t really tramautize me about biking again, it’s just that I need to be more cautious next time around.

I hope this summer will be productive for you guys! I plan on taking lessons for both driving and diving. I’ll hopefully learn some other stuff along this month of May as well. I plan on playing this CCG (M:tG) and planning my 1st semester schedule and plan to get back on the DL. Til’ later guys!



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