Riding around Cebu.

Hey guys! What’s up? How is the official start of summer treating you? I’m having a blast right now and I hope you guys are doing the same. I’ve recently found a new form of exercise while getting a new perspective of the town we all know and love.

This form of exercise my friends, is called biking. It has long been around but hardly popular when comparing it to other recreational outdoor activities. My good friend Andre (follow him on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/goddre) introduced me to this bizarre and peculiar way of transportation. It all started when he went biking and arrived at my house. I live in Mandaue and he lives in Consolacion. Biking from his house to mine is no ordinary feat and it opened my eyes to barriers that seemed so unbreakable at the time. We have had only 2 official bike rides around Cebu and we are bound to have more!

Our first biking escapade encompassed the trail from my house until Family Park in Talamban and back. This was my first official try on the road, and I was freakin’ scared. There are no special biking lanes for the bikers here unlike in the USA. You’ve got to rely on your awareness on the road for oncoming vehicles and you’ve got to have good balance. We rode from my house and made a quick stop at USC-TC. We then proceeded to go to Family Park. The uphill part is no easy task. No walk in the park. Pardon that pun. I almost lost my breath at that moment. Good thing the bike I’m using (my sister’s, no doubt) has interchangable gears so it allowed for me to cycle at a less strenuous pace. We got to Family Park and cycled around the whole vicinity but it was too bad that there was no actual mountain trail for us to follow. We passed through Cabancalan on our way back home before we decided to call it a day.

Today was a foray into a bike ride of a much bigger and grander scale. Andre and I went from my house to (no twitter) Martin’s house. That’s from Mandaue up to Escario. That is a good 10-15 kilometers right there. We were actually amazed we made it up to that point. There were some good downhill cycles and some tough uphill points where we had to just walk our bikes. All in all it was good. We assembled at Martin’s house so that (follow him! http://www.twitter.com/kellyviado) Kelly and Martin would join us for our fun ride around town. We went to IT park and had some burgers. Nothing says victory like burger. There were more details to this story but we can forego all the trivial little details here and there.

So far, biking has been such a pleasure. It may be dangerous at times with the traffic and unpaved roads, but as long as you’re careful and alert, everything will be fine. Don’t try to bike around town with any kind of bike either. A good Mountain bike will suit your taste with interchangable gears suitable for both uphill and downhill terrain. I invite everyone to try biking around. It’ll be a good form of exercise. You will also learn to appreciate the car as a vehicle and mode of transportation. You will also love the new experiences and feelings you get from riding around town with your friends.

Our goal is to bike uphill to Busay. This is like Mt. Everest to some as the uphill terrain to Busay can be killer. Proper stamina training and road awareness will be critical. Wish us luck. Stay cool twerps!


If anybody knows a good bike shop, please do tell. Anyone who wants to go biking with us is welcome. Have a great holy week everyone. Adios!

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