Deliberation time!

Hey people, what’s up? Holy week is fast approaching. It’s a time to be reverent and reflect on what needs to be reflected upon. I’m not saying all of us are Christians and while some of us are, we still don’t really follow the traditions our forefathers hold so dearly. We need to be able to respect the traditions and events, as this is an integral part of our faith. But hey, I’m still young in my faith and I still have so many things to learn. I’m still not sold 100% and still not believing as much as I’d like to. Sometimes I falter and stop praying. My heart wants to accept, but my mind says otherwise. It continues to be a struggle we all will have for the rest of our life here on this plane.

Anyway! That was a very serious heart-mind conflict issue right there. I’m here to talk about deliberation time! No, I don’t mean judgement day. I’m talking about receiving our grades for the 2nd semester. It’s scary to be a student and knowing that the final exam will be the decision maker whether you pass in a particular subject or just fail altogether. This is the beauty (and ugliness) of summer class. It initiates complacency since if you fail during the 2nd semester, you’ll be relying on summer class. We shouldn’t make summer class seem more glorifying than it really is.

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. It’s about recharging from the energy spent during the semester. My father always tells me that summer is a time for a break, and for re-adjusting. It sort of centers your chi and makes you a whole and living person again. Not like the zombies we play and kill on PvZ haha. If ever I do take summer classes, I’ll note that I was just too complacent during the 2nd semester. School isn’t about fun and games anymore. Well not as much :)

1st year seemed to be a breeze, and passed by so quickly. The hardships started piling on though, and it was killer. The hard setting of the 2nd semester of 2nd year completely outclassed that of the 1st semester. It reminds me that being a DL is not a bulletproof vest against bullets of failure.

Although failure is not what people make it to be. It is actual a very useful tool. Used right, it is both progressive and consistent in the long run. When you fail, you learn your lesson. You learn to never be complacent, as you try not to incite another failure. In the future, you’ll be able to look back at that failure and say you learned something. Complacency is eliminated and is replaced with determination towards the goal.

The University of San Carlos will officially release student grades on March 30. That is next tuesday. It will be a time of both deliberation and enlightenment. Whether you see the lines of 1, 2 or 3, breath a sigh of relief. If you see that red 5.0, remind yourself that it isn’t a failure. It is only a temporary roadblock to your succes. That roadblock which pushes you to excel. Learn from it and grow.

See you guys during the summer? Hopefully not in campus haha. :))

Also, have a fruitful holy week! Hope it isn’t all just about the vacation and relaxing, but also the time to be reflecting on things relevant to you and your surroundings.


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