You know it’s summer when the laziness kicks in.

This title isn’t misleading in the least. It really is true that as summer comes along, the laziness bug seems to spread around your whole body. Today was our last day with one more final exam. I almost didn’t study due to the laziness creeping up and the relaxation was almost too much to bear. Good enough that I was able to study just enough to pass that exam. Hope I don’t fail anything this semester. Summer class would just be the death of me.

I’m sure everyone can relate to laziness and how it seems to come during the summer time. Too much free time usually causes this to come about and it isn’t a pretty sight. Here’s a sample schedule of your typical lazy bum during the summer. I used myself as a basis for this. Typically on a summer day, I’d wake up around 10am-11am and proceed to eat brunch. From 12 noon up to dinner time, it’s just all eating, watching TV and surfing the net. Without taking a bath. Cleanliness and proper hygiene take a backseat to my eating and bumming around.

But no more! I’m inviting everyone to kick the lazy habits and do something productive with their spare time. It may not seem easy at first, but for sure it will make you feel better about yourself. Here are some things you hopefully will do during the course of the summer.

1.) Take up a hobby!

It could be something you used to do, or it could be something new entirely. Like for me, I’ve been taking my guitar for granted. I’ll be sure to use it and practice so me and my buds can jam around during the summer. I’m sure that’ll be good for a few videos and a few hundred hits on youtube haha.

2.) Plan an adventure!

We all know the routine you follow could be monotonous to say the least, so try doing something different. What better way to break the monotony than with an adventure? Tell a few of your friends and plan an exciting summer getaway to some faraway island. There are loads of islands you can go to. Having 7,107 islands in an archipelago is advantageous for the adventurer in you yearning to be free! I know that me and some friends will be planning an exciting trip to Cagayan De Oro. Rafting, Rappelling and Spelunking galore! It’s bound to be an exciting adventure that’ll leave you wanting for more. If you’re not the daredevil wanting to get the adrenaline rush, you could always plan a relaxing visit to another island. I know for sure Camiguin will excite those who want peace and quiet. It’s a quaint city known for the hot springs and several tourist locations such as the sunken cemetery and several waterfalls. Take your pick! It’s bound to be good either way.

3.) Get a summer job!

Some of us may not have money to fund for usual “laags” and getaway trips, so this is what I suggest. The pay may not be glamorous and as much as you’d want it to be, but it’ll make you feel good about yourself overall. Holding a summer job and being a functioning part of society will give you self-esteem. So pat yourself on the back and get a summer job. You might not know it but the money could start rolling in. You’d have extra money to start the semester off right!

So these are just a few tips off the top of my head. I’m sure during the course of the summer, it’ll be boring for most of us. Is it unavoidable? We can only try and do so much to eliminate the boredom that befalls us. With these tips I’ve shared with you, they’ll hopefully take away some of that boredom. See you all at the malls and beachfronts everyone! Summer for me officially starts…now. Have a great summer guys!


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