Exercise and good dieting habits.

What’s up everyone? Now, you may be wondering about the weird title for this particular post but I jest you not, it’s a blog post dedicated entirely for exercise and good dieting habits! The words “diet” and “exercise” may be hazardous to some people, me included, but we’ll try to make it as pleasant as possible, all right?

Since it’s summer time once again, I need to find a way to have a form of exercise. Staying home at the house doing nothing but staring at the computer will slowly but surely kill me (and my eyes to boot.) That’s why I’ve decided to go to the gym provided that I pass all my subjects this semester so I hopefully won’t be needing to take summer classes. In all honesty, going to the gym may seem like a daunting task. But in reality, it’s pretty fun if you make sure to take care of a few things. Here are a few tips to provide you some amusement so your gym routine won’t be as monotonous.

1.) Go with friends!

This one is a no-brainer! For sure! Going to the gym alone is okay but going with friends makes it a whole lot more interesting. Some people may not be able to focus because of too much interaction with their friends instead of on the workout itself, but as long as you keep your mind set on the goal, it’ll all be good.

2.) Change up your routine every week!

Who wants to continue doing the same old boring exercises each and every week? I know I don’t. I go to Cebu Holiday Gym and Spa and they have lots of interesting things for you to do there. I mean, there are so many classes to join. Let me enumerate some of the classes they offer. There is salsa, hiphop, yoga, pilates and lots more types of dance/exercise classes. If you join one particular class a week, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in lots of different kinds of dances and exercises, so it will really mix up your gym routine. I know the guys may be thinking “Hey, I’m a guy. Dancing isn’t for me!” Well, it’s not limited to the classes itself. When you look at the gym, there are over 30-50 different kinds of machines. Some of the exercise equipment have more than 1 particular use, so the amchinery will help keep the monotony down as well. The other facilities should be utilized as well! There is a track, basketball court, swimming pool and badminton court for you to use so you won’t be tracked down in one particular sport.

3.) Prepare your before and after gym routine as well.

Going to the gym is just part of the battle of losing weight or staying fit. Another part of the battle is actually before going to the gym and after leaving it. Do you get what I’m leading to? Before you go to the gym, you need to make sure you have everything prepared. After the gym, it’s a battle of hunger. So make sure you prepare a light snack that is both calorie light and delicious at the same time.

I think I’ll have to place more tips once I actually get to the gym haha. So you know that exercise is only half the battle, right? The other half is all about your diet. It doesn’t matter how many calories you burned off at the treadmill, if you still eat a lot, it’ll usually be more than what you burned off. It’s easy to put weight on, but much harder to lose it. Always remember that. So here are some tips regarding a good and proper diet.

1.) Always have a good breakfast.

Some people don’t understand the importance of breakfast. It actually dictates how you’ll be eating for the rest of the day. If you decide to skip breakfast, your insulin levels will be low, resulting in more hunger cravings right around lunch and dinner time, causing you to eat that much more. But hey, who am I to judge? Most of the time I don’t even eat breakfast. Not that you shouldn’t be listening to what I’m saying since I’m not practicing what I’m preaching. I’ve learned the lesson, but am still learning to apply it haha.

2.) Make it 3 x 2 = 6.

I’m talking about the number of meals you have in a day. We usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner as our main meals. What I am saying is that you need to break down your meal capacity and ration it out on more even amounts. 3 Light snacks and the 3 usual meals (but with lesser portions) will usually lead to better metabolism and hunger cravings won’t be as often. It’ll be good for your body and you will also learn the discipline of not binging on foods just for the sake of it. Your body and mind will adjust to the lesser portioning of the food you intake, and will adjust accordingly.

3.) Have a balanced diet.

This is probably one of the most important aspects in dieting. In this day and age, where meat is the god of all food, the other foods lay in a corner, crying for attention. Dairy products, vegetables and seafood just don’t get enough attention to be a whole part of your diet. I know we all love pork, chicken and all the sumptuous dishes that go along with it, but if we don’t have a balanced meal, it’ll surely lead to clogged arteries and a bigger chance to be struck with heart disease. Increase your intake in vegetables and seafood. Make sure your tastebuds get to familiarize themselves with the vast variety of food, so it won’t be looking for meat all the time. Sweets are really good as well, but make sure to eat less of them since all they do is just get you fat and make you lose the exercise you fought so hard for.

I am no nutrition expert or personal trainer. I share to you guys these tips because I have learned them from experience. I know that following these tips will make my gym and diet experience a whole lot better. I hope for those going to the gym to lose those extra pounds, you will heed my advice. It’s finally time to get those abs! I almost forgot, before you go to the gym, make sure you set a goal. The goal is what keeps you going amidst all the hunger craving and muscle pain. Remember, the goal at the end of your summer is what keeps you exercising and dieting.

Hope to see you all during the course of the summer! (Not necessarily at the gym though, haha.)


6 thoughts on “Exercise and good dieting habits.

  1. maki, this sounds like an article from yahoo :)
    hahaha :) gym… really not for me. haha do u play badmin mak? :)

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