Christmas Break WOOT WOOT!

Hey guys! I don’t know when your classes end but my classes ended today. You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to relax and immerse ourselves in the festivities! It feels so good to not have to worry about any homework or exam that you’ll have the next day. The most you’ll probably worry about is picking what kind of food to eat during the holidays.  Speaking of the holidays, it’s a wonderful time to just sit back and relax. and eat. We musn’t forget the eating part haha. I need to start exercising! A jog around the village everyday will do wonders. I’ve got this program hooked up to my iTouch (woot woot haha) which is Nike+ iPod.  It’s like a tracking device of your workout routines.  You can adjust the playlist, calories, and distance traveled.  It is so cool!  The downside to it is I’ll have to buy a new pair of shoes.  The iTouch sends a signal to the sensor in the special Nike+ shoes.  The shoes cost around 4-5k. Damn, nothing is free these days.  Looks like I’ll have find some other way to get a good workout.

Speaking of workouts, it’s high time for us to include exercise into our to-do list.  I really want to get fit. It really feels good to exercise and feel good about your body haha. I will try my best to wake up early tomorrow so I can start jogging.  I always seem to put it off.  Oh, procrastination. You always get me.

Another thing I will try to do during the break is to study and solve problems with the hard subjects. I need to do advanced studying and reinforcing in Mechanics, Physics and Differential Equations. Whew, that’s a lot of math to go around. I sure hope I chose the right course :))

I will also try to give more attention to my guitar.  I really want to find time to practice and hone my skills.  It’d be really cool if I could play a few guitar licks and look like a badass while doing it haha.  The guitar and amplifier are just calling out to me.

Anyway, I hope you guys have set out your goals for what to do during the break. I sure do hope I won’t end up another victim of the procrastination bug. Happy holidays to you all!


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