Restless & Uninspired

I’m feeling kind of restless as of late.  There are so many things I want to do, yet I don’t have the inspiration to go and do those things.  It could be that my mind is in hibernation mode? We are animals after all haha.  I really need something to get me into focus.  There’s still 1 week of school left and a couple of tests to finish.  I really need to ace these tests so I can go into the christmas break with a light heart.

I want to go and jump around and do all sorts of things but my mind is not willing to cooperate.  I really lack something right now.  I do hope I can get out of this rut I’m in.  Maybe a good jog around the neighborhood will whip me into functioning properly.

It’s kind of hard to have this boundless amount of energy inside of you and not being able to do anything to release it.  I sure hope the goals I’ve set for the christmas break will be accomplished.  Complacency and procrastination are the enemies right now.

On another note, I seem to be failing in my subjects right now.  Engineering Mechanics, Physics, Differential Equations and what have you.  I’m not used to not being able to understand things and that really bugs me.  One of my goals for the break is to be able to study and absorb the concepts in the current lessons so I won’t have a hard time during midterm week.

My mom bought me a 16gb iTouch. Yey for me!  I’m practically a novice when it comes to iTunes and other applications like jailbreak.  Tinkering around with this gadget will be fun haha.  I hope the music player will get me into the exercise mood.  I keep making the lack of a music player the excuse for not jogging around early in the morning haha.  I do hope that will change :)

There’s a little more pressure for this week.  4 Quizzes and a report that I have yet to start.  I do hope that once I finish this post, I’ll be up to par and start working my lazy ass.  You know that feeling you get when you actually do something productive and you feel good about yourself?  I need that feeling!

It’s almost Christmas but I still can’t feel it.  Maybe I really need to immerse myself in all things Christmas.  I’d like to greet you folks reading up to this point.  Please excuse me if my rambling and ranting are boring you to hell.  I just need to vent out and address unresolved issues within me.  This blog is sort of a vehicle for that haha.

We’ll see how the new year plays out.  Some of us will come out with our resolutions (and hopefully fulfill them haha:)) and some of us will just come out fatter. I’m probably going to be the latter.  We’ll see.

Anyone who wants to go jogging with me in IT park during the break? :)


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