We’ve all got wishlists, right? Here’s my wishlist for this season!

I know some of them are unrealistic, but hey we can dream. :)

• Sennheiser Computer Headphones

– This is THE computer headphones to own. They’re selling it at the iStore :)

• 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive

– 1 Terabyte can hold a LOT of data. 1000GB is no joke. I think Thinking Tools is stocking this item.

• Computer Reformat

– Yea, the computer seriously needs reformatting. It’s having a hard time running lots of programs at once.

• Samsung 22 Inch Computer Monitor

– This monitor just owns. I’m partially biased because it’s the monitor over at Gols. No offense to Ricardos, but I don’t really like the new monitors they stocked over at R3. :)

• A set of weights 15-20 lbs.

– This is a MUST. We really need weights around the house. I won’t allow myself to be lazy!

• Bicycle Clear Deck of Cards

– The thought of playing cards with this gives me chills! It’s being sold at National and Rustans. :)

• 5th generation Ipod Nano cover and accessories

– Can’t wait to buy some accessories and shiz for the Nano :)

Done, c/o my mom. It’s actually an iTouch haha.

• Paperblanks notebook

– They’re selling these notebooks over at Fully Booked. I LOVE the designs.

• Monopoly: World Edition

– Yea, this is some FUN right here  WHOO MONOPOLY!

• Elixir/Cleartone electric guitar strings

– DONE! c/o mom :)

• Ralph Lauren Polo Black

– This is one sweet scent. Good to own haha.

• Pants from Refill

– All my pants are from Refill. It’s hard to change brand now, so yea.

• Tickets for the Paramore Concert

– DONE! c/o sister :)

This is one very extravagant wishlist. That’s all for now folks. Happy Holidays :)


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