Hello world!

WordPress was nice enough to write this first ever post for me with the following content:

“Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

Now I’m categorizing and looking at all of my old content, and it just makes me realize that this post is almost 4 years old. Started this personal blog way back 2009 with no real expectations. I’m really glad that my content is being accessed constantly everyday, not by the thousands or hundreds, but I’m glad that it can get 50-100 views per day. Just thinking about the people that access my site to read up and stuff makes me appreciative of all that. I mean, random strangers (and a few friends) looking it up just for the sake of content they find interesting. That’s what makes me keep going and it really is in my interest to share my thoughts. This is really a good way for me to share it. And so I will continue to do so.

Let’s keep it going!

Until next time,



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