Ironbound Coffee

For the past few weeks, on the way home from work, I’d pass by this huge tarpaulin that read “Hello Cebu!” on it. It really intrigued me and then I later found out it was a newly opened coffeeshop and bakery. It had a really unique name and I really wanted to try it out, […]

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Temple of Leah

So I visited this place in Cebu that’s been really popular these past few weeks. Thought it’d be interesting to feature it on my blog so I could help inform more people where it is and what it’s all about. Some might refer to it as the Cebu version of Bacolod’s The Ruins and some […]

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Dining at Black Iron Cebu

Hey, Everyone! Hope you’re having a great week. After that last post on Gabby’s Closet Cebu, it’s time to switch it up a bit and bring you a food trip review on another newly opened restaurant here in Cebu. If you’re a fan of burgers, steaks and high quality beef and meat, then get to […]

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Gabby’s Closet Cebu

Hey, Everyone! If you guys follow me on some of my social media accounts, you know I have a thing for sneakers. I don’t know how to quite explain it, but I just love seeing and wearing a good pair of kicks. I’ve probably got around close to 20 pairs, and if that isn’t an […]

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Brunch at Yolk

Hey, Everyone! I already wrote this post on my cellphone on the WordPress mobile app and it was already good for posting, but apparently it didn’t save and I lost the whole draft! Very unfortunate, so I’m typing this now on my desktop and hopefully it’ll still be a good read for you guys. Anyway, […]

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Dining at Tokyo Table

So here’s another one of my food trip adventures. Apologies, as this is another backlogged post. But it wasn’t too long ago, so it should be fine. This time, I was able to try out the dining experience over at Tokyo Table. During the holidays, we never really mind our budget and waistline, as we’re […]

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Dining at Cafe Racer

My college friends and I had a sort of reunion during the December holidays. There are 7 of us in our group, all guys, and we always try to find time to meet up, even though we’ve all gone separate paths in terms of work and careers. It’s still always a hilarious time when we […]

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Sneaker Pick-ups of 2014!

Since I left my blog to rot for the whole year of 2014, I wasn’t able to blog about the sneakers I picked up in 2014. Last review I did was on the Lebron XI King’s Pride I had won in a contest for Christmas last year. Some sneakers have come and gone in 2014, […]

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Fat Cow Burgers & Malts

Hey, everyone! It is now officially the year 2015. 2014 was definitely a crazy year, and it went by so fast. One of the things I regret was ignoring this blog and leaving it to die on the sidewalk. Sometimes, that writer’s block, also known as plain laziness, just kicked in and it hit real […]

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